Sunday, April 02, 2017

Workforce Worries

In the last few weeks I have hit some heavy topics here including what an architect wants, project management, and retrofits.  So I’ll continue on the path of importance starting this post with a look at a very scary prospect- the dwindling construction labor force.  An executive at Turner Construction testified in front of congress this week that construction levels are back to the 2007 boom… BUT… we are 100,000 workers short of where were then.  That number is staggering.  It was noted that younger folks do not have interest in the trades and the older workers are transitioning out.  Obviously this is not new news for most of us.  We all know how challenging the market is right now, but seeing the numbers is jarring. 
There is no magic formula for slowing this negative trend either.  Attracting skilled (or at least willing to be trained) youth to come into construction is a monumental task.  We as an industry need to figure this out as well…. I’ll be curious to see if this talk in front of congress spurs any development or support of programs to help. 


--  One area that can help with employment and attraction?  Understanding you’re the employee.  And a great speaker on that subject is coming back to GlassBuild America this fall. Cam Marston will be the keynote speaker and his last stint in this role in 2015 still has people who saw it buzzing.  His topic on the multi generational workforce is interesting, appropriate and needed.  Make sure you don’t miss this.

--  April is here and a yearly tradition is coming up soon… the Mid Atlantic Glass Associations MGA Glass Expo takes place April 19th in Greenbelt, MD.  This is show number 30 for the MGA and every year it brings people from the region together to learn and network.

--  My post on what architects want did quite well… Obviously it’s a subject that people are determined to learn on what they can do.  So in that light check out this link from my friend Colin Gilboy at  It is loaded with great insight and direction.  Check it out.

--  And obviously the team at SC Railing jumped on the approach of educating architects with a great case study.  I love this sort of stuff, though I will be the first to admit I don’t understand a lot of it.  (I’m not the audience they want to impress!) I admire the heck out of companies that take the time and resources to create in-depth pieces.  JE Berkowitz, Quanex, and W&W Glass are among the folks that also come to mind when it comes to studies like these..

--  So the “hot” colors for 2018… yes 2018…. are now out.  Thanks to the twitter feed of Conners Sales Group (@ConnersSales) you can see it now a whole 9 months before the new year hits!

--  Last this week… a scheduling heads up…no post coming next week, so you are saved from me preaching about some major issue affecting our world.  I’ll be back in this space the week of 4/16.  Unless big news breaks… which I keep expecting but seemingly never does….


I gotta imagine this is an effective way to slow speeders…

A real Sharknado.  Seriously.

I read about this one a while ago and it came up again… I just can’t fathom the money and the whole deal here.


Funny and irreverent show… Silicon Valley back with a new season later this month… here’s the trailer…

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