Friday, April 21, 2017

Missing AIA

This coming week is the annual AIA show and for the first time in a while I will not be attending.  My times at that event have lessened over the years but I still liked to go to see what was new and get a feel for the attitude on the floor.  So since I won’t be there I ask you, my loyal readers, to please drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the event and if there was anything there that was newsworthy.  I truly appreciate the help!


--  The latest Architectural Billings Index finished the first quarter with a major flourish.  The index came in at 54.3 which is a massive score in the scheme of the way they track things.  So the enthusiasm and the action coming from the architectural community is obviously on a roll right now.  Let’s keep riding that train….

--  Speaking of architects, Glass Magazine has an incredible online guide to “Glazing Specifications” and I think its one of the best things that talented team there has ever done.  There is an entire in-depth 6 part series of documents and I am still going through them but I wanted to point out their “Glass and Metals 201” as agreat example of the sort of information and insight at your fingertips.  Carve out some time (like I am) to check them all out.

--  And one more Glass Magazine related note… the most prestigious honors that our industry has- the Glass Magazine Awards are back again and the process for submittals in several categories is now open.  There are some very interesting categories that will surely bring a lot of great recognition to deserving companies & people.  So please take a look and get your submittals in!

--  Last week on the Glassblog a new writer made his debut.  Gareth Francey of Bohle America had his first posting and I thought it was an excellent piece.  Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of blogging Gareth!

--  Congrats to Brad Thurman on his move to GGI.  I have known Brad a very long time and he’s one of the most intelligent guys in our industry.  He’s a super person and he’ll be great in his new position there for sure….

--  I am not a New York City type of guy at all- but I do really admire the constant pace of construction there and the basic evolution.  One example is what they have done with Times Square.  Making it a pedestrian only area was obviously a brilliant idea and this link gives you a ton of before an after shots.  If you look hard enough you can see one of the coolest items at Times Square, the Ruby Red glass stairs at TKTS that the fine folks at Walker Glass and AGNORA worked on.  As a glass geek- that’s surely a favorite for me.

--  Last this week I read an article recently that noted 3D printers are able to make glass.  Right now they do it with some form of liquid that can be shaped into very intricate things.  I think we are safe on the traditional flat glass side- I don’t see 3D printers making high performance Low E any time soon… but my goodness anything seems possible anymore….


This story is a great marketing case study- when what looks to be a neat idea really goes off the rails.  

This is why I am a dog guy- they are too chill to try and figure out what’s going on.  Cats on the other hand….

I’m not a “juicer” guy so maybe $400 is normal for one?  I just couldn’t imagine spending that much on it


The next edition in the Star Wars movies series is coming this December… and the trailer just came out… here it is… and even if you don’t like the films the music should give you chills!

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