Sunday, March 12, 2017

What Architects Really Want

One thing that many in this industry absolutely covet beyond anything else is interaction with architects.  Obviously it makes sense on many levels because the architect can surely make a difference in the advancement of your product and services.  Bit even with all of the working of this group- do we know what they want?  Well this week, I finally got an idea after finally seeing AIA’s excellent study on the “Journey to Specification.”  One of the main keys was education and I think we all knew that- but it was the specific breakdown of the learning needs that were interesting.  Evidently a majority of the respondents want their education in shorter and more creative and coherent bursts and they want it without a sales spin.  So basically quick hits from a technical guy or engineer is the preferred method.  And they also want the ability to take advantage of apps/technology that supply the education in micro-style sessions like CEStrong (that several industry companies use) that still offer the necessary CEU’s they want/need, while getting their education in small bites.  I think the traditional “lunch n learn” will always be there and needed but I think we all know its not the most effective vehicle. 
Another point made… Architects want better website layouts from the manufacturers.  This is an area I fight and lose daily with manufacturers- so maybe seeing a survey like this will open some eyes… but anyway what the architects want is a site that breaks down the supply process in areas such as design stage, specification stage, and review and approval stage.   I believe this issue here for many companies is that they get caught up in the minutia of the site look  and they completely miss the layout (optimized best for user) and content. 
There were many other items but these to me were the highlights.  At the end of the day we can do all of what the architect wants- still getting them to spend the time, even how minimal will always be a challenge.  But at least we know some of the keys they are currently after.


--  Alex Carrick, the Chief Economist for Construct Connect is one of the best follows on twitter.  There are always a few pieces to keep you informed on the economy and forecasts.  One example was a link to his blog on one of my favorite indicators to follow- the “put in place” spending study.  The details are a bit concerning as its showing some weakness out there on the non residential side.  When I see words like “softening” and “backsliding” it makes my stomach turn.  This is surely one to continue to monitor.

--  A few weeks ago I mentioned that “Measure S” in Southern California was up for vote and there was quite a bit of debate on it.  The voters now have spoken, defeating the measure significantly- at almost a 2-to1 margin.  (though voter turnout may have been amongst the lowest ever there)  Developers seemingly are the big winner on this one but from everything I read and heard on it, there’s still great need to get the area up to speed with planning, zoning, and codes.

--  The designs and plans are coming out for the new Los Angeles Rams stadium and this is one for my façade geeks out there.  They are promoting a breathable façade that will respond to the climate so the need for HVAC won’t be there.  Hmmm.  I am not smart enough to compute that.  Here’s the article- interesting stuff.

--  From the how far we have come files… the Apple II computer came out in this month of 1987 and sold for $7000.  That would be like $15,000 in today’s dollars.  There is no question that part of the world has made incredible advancements.

--  Last this week- I failed to mention last week that the amazing show “The Americans” is back.  If you have not seen it- start at season 1 and go from there.  The show will end in 2018, so conclusions are coming…


This is a depressing blow to the solar community in the UK…

This would be huge- but I am not holding my breath.  Breakthroughs on medicine seemingly never happen.

This is justice… carjacker hopefully thrown in jail for a long time.


So I tweeted this one out… this was simply the funniest thing of the week.  And anyone who has worked from home has had this happen.  By the way the little girl and her swagger while walking in is the best.

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