Sunday, March 05, 2017

Disruption to the Process

Do you ever wonder if some of the tried and true ways of doing things will ever get disrupted?  A few years ago a speaker at GlassBuild America brought up the possibility of “leasing” the building products installed into buildings.  Presumably allowing the payments to be spread differently and if necessary opening that area up for upgrades.  Obviously that’s MUCH easier said than done and that was the last I have heard of that.  Recently another approach started to gain steam- breaking the traditional funding of buildings from the bank model to a crowd funded one.  Crowd funding or crowd sourcing is a popular way to get things going in different parts of our world- especially on the entrepreneurial side.   But a building investment?  That’s surely a different game.  Yet it is happening and you start to wonder could this be a true way of getting structures built- and if so how will it change our approach on the building product side- if at all.  I’m curious if anyone has had to work on a project like this and if there were any noticeable differences….


--  So a new thing that happened to me for the first time in all my years of travel… through tons and tons of nights away… I was a part of a hotel evacuation.  Not a fire drill and return to the room, but an actual evacuation.  Oh and all of it with no power too.  So the hotel I was at lost electricity around 10PM.  It did not phase me- I don’t watch TV usually and had enough juice in my phone to use that as flashlight and for reading.  I fall asleep and all is well until 3AM when I hear loud banging on the door.  I’m thinking its gotta be for another room down the hall- someone drunk needing back in their room.  But the banging continues and then I hear “hotel management…open up” as well.  So I drag myself to the door and find the hotel manager and 3 firefighters.  They tell me hotel is being evacuated, everyone must go now.  And take everything with you….  Oh and the power is still out too… anyway you can only imagine the adventure from there.  Trying to gather everything while still trying to get my bearings etc.   I get it all together and go down to the lobby where I am told a room at a hotel a mile away is available for me.   So off I went… still amazed this was happening.  Made it to new hotel, checked in and got another hour of sleep before having to start my very tired day.  Evidently at the evacuated hotel they were thinking there was a gas leak so thus the urgency but I am not sure if anything ever was found.  But this was surely a first (and hopefully a last) for me.  

--  Interesting issue in Ohio where a bill going to the General Assembly there would give cities the right to decide if they want to pay prevailing wages on taxpayer funded projects.  So obviously if you are a glazier there this gets you one way or another. 

--  Use of wood in tall curtain walls had a few hits in the media this week.  Wood has always been a player on the residential window side and there’s been some folks pushing hard for timber curtain walls for commercial projects (large and small) but it’s been a true niche play really.  This blog post really dives deep and paints a picture for growth.  So I’m curious industry folks… what do you think?  Are timber curtain walls big players in our future?

--  If you have not seen the latest from the new Apple headquarters building, please check out my video of the week.  Good one for the glass and metal geeks out there.

--  Last this week- great tweet heads up from Thomas Lee of Lee & Cates Glass pointing out a story from Norway.  NRK a broadcaster there instituted a new commenting policy on their stories.  You now have to answer 3 questions about the story before you can comment on an article.  It’s meant to deter “trolls” from taking over the comment section.  Obviously trolling still will happen but hopefully with less frequency.


--  The most bizarre sports story of the week- both teams trying to lose the game.

--   This story gets the range of emotions going- and go to the comments and get flared up again.  Bottom line, good work by a judge dealing with lack of respect…

--  This is insane- parents in North Carolina can decide to put their concussed kids back into the game if they want?  No.  Please no. 


The new Apple HQ are almost done and looking amazing.   The plan is to open to employees next month.  New video was just released… so for those of you who haven’t seen yet- check it out

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