Sunday, January 22, 2017

Net Zero Not A Zero Program

Last week I covered some of the trends I see really taking off in the new year, so I was pretty pumped to see a report come out that backed one of my predictions.  Navigant Research released a study that shows the Net Zero Building movement growing tremendously over the next 20 years- eventually becoming a trillion dollar market segment.  That’s trillion… with a T.  The good news continued with the expectation that the main areas of the growth will be from the glass and glazing segment.  As I noted last week this sort of building is growing because it’s a smart process that produces real results and it’s exciting that as an industry we have great options to be heavily invested in it.


--  Twitter can some times drive people crazy especially with some of the insane negativity that can appear there but I continue to try and find the good in it.  Example was Friday during the riots in Washington DC, someone posted that there’s tons of broken glass and windows all over the area.  I replied to that tweet with “Oh to be a glass shop in Washington DC right now…” and lo and behold a few hours later I see a tweet from Mike Albert showing his company (S. Albert Glass) out on the job, in DC, in the damaged area.  Cool stuff and nice to see our industry in action.  This is the 2nd riot that I have watched a company I am familiar with jump into action, with my pals at Binswanger in Charlotte being the previous during the riots there this summer.

--  Time for some reviews… Magazine, Book, and Movie…

--  The Magazine is the long over due one for the December edition of Glass Magazine.  Bethany Stough’s excellent cover story on installation was strong- especially given the severe labor pressure our industry faces.  I am sure I am not the only one who walked away from this with an advanced understanding of the options available to the glazing community.  And that story really made me understand even better why the installation equipment folks at GlassBuild were swamped.   Also in this issue.. Joe Schiavone of CRL who did a great Glazier Bulletin like always… love his work and I am also a huge fan of Mike Burk of GED via IGMA who had a story on safety and smarts on the fab floor.  Plus the recap of the incredible 2016 GlassBuild America just got me pumped for the future….  All in all, from front to back a great issue and must read.

--  The ad of the month goes to Wood’s Powr-Grip for the family approach featuring Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass of Waco, TX and his beautiful family.  The message of “bringing you home safe” is something that may be simple, but needs to be reminded daily.  Good work there!

--  The Book review is “Losing Isn’t Everything” by Curt Menefee.  This was an excellent and easy read about the people on the other side of some of sports most famous plays and how they dealt with the disappointments of being in the spotlight and known for losing.  Some handled it better than others but all of the stories were very interesting and some actually inspirational. 

--  Last the Movie review is “The Founder” which was the story of Ray Kroc, the man best known as the builder of the McDonalds behemoth.  It’s an intriguing story in that Kroc is not your typical business hero.  And that’s probably why it’s taken so many years to get a movie about him.  He was not the brains behind really any of the advancements of the company but was smart enough to listen and learn from those who had the ideas.  From a business standpoint it’s a great watch and from an entertainment side good as well since he’s not what you would expect as the guy behind such a happy brand.


A boy and his fish who passed.  I know it well my man….

This guy has survived a ton to become a huge mushroom entrepreneur….

Imagine going to a random comedy club and a tons of superstars unexpectedly show up to perform?  Wild.


Traveling in the NBA is always loosely called and widely made fun of.  This week the great Russell Westbrook took it to a new level… you don’t see it happen at first but wait til the replay at :25….

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