Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Top Trends

We’re off and running into 2017 and aside from a rocky weather start in many parts of North America, it’s been pretty quiet overall.  So with that in mind it’s time to take a look at my fearless predictions for the coming year with regards to trends in our industry.  Here goes…

More Unitized.  The growth of the unitized curtain wall process will be significant.  This has been a growing segment over the last few years and in 2017 it will take another step forward.  And this is a trend that is not going to burn out thanks to significant labor shortages in the field.  In addition more and more unitized systems are performing at incredible levels energy wise- making them extra attractive to building owners and designers.

Net Zero.  Even with the political winds shifting in the United States, the desire and charge to still build with energy efficiency and sustainability is very strong.  Building to a Net Zero performance is actually accomplishing more than if you went through some “green” rating system and more and more people are realizing that. 

Security.  Again.  As I noted last week, this was on my list for 2016 and I am putting it back on for 2017.  It’s unfortunate that as a world we have to think this way but it’s reality.  I am seeing more security product options available hitting different application needs and that too makes this an area to follow.

Deals and Acquisitions.  Considering that at least 2 major deals that I expected to hit at the end of 2016 haven’t happened yet, this could be an easy prediction for me when they hit this year.  But even aside from that there are still a lot of people looking to buy and sell right now as well as companies looking to diversify through acquisition.  All of that makes it ripe for a big deal year.

New Social Push.  A fun one to end it.  At this point mostly everyone is familiar with the basic social outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Some people love them and some not. (Example- I loved following Matt Hale of Global Glass on Facebook as he flew to and worked around China this week.)   However the freshest outlets going right now are podcasts, periscope, and Facebook live.  These take the communication level to the next step.  As I noted a few weeks ago John Wheaton has done a great job pushing his periscope approach, and kudos to the folks at GCI Consultants who launched a podcast program.  I have always harped on communication and these new outlets are just another way to educate, inform, and promote.

So there you go… It’s shaping up to be a great year overall and I am looking forward to everything that happens in our industry and covering it here!


We had three big industry moves personnel wise to start the year-featuring three of the most talented people in our world. 

--   First Dr. Helen Sanders joined Technoform.  I have written about Helen a lot over the years- she’s been brilliant representative of our industry at the code and trade level and a massive credit to the dynamic glass segment.  She’ll continue to do great things at Technoform.  I need to note that even with Helen leaving Sage they are still in fantastic shape talent wise and I am confident they will continue to be an industry leader and supporter. 

--   Next was my pal Scott Goodman joining Aldora.  Scott is a relentless sales professional and my respect for him is deep.  He’s a great hire and he will be a force to be reckoned with in his territory. 

--  Last a major coup for the folks at Guardian with the tremendous addition of Darijo Babic.  Anyone who knows Darijo likes him and absolutely respects his skill and passion for his work.  He represents our industry very well at the architectural level and will do fantastic things for Guardian in that regard. 

Congratulations to all three of you and to your new companies for bringing you on.

--   Obviously in the United States later this week will start a new adventure- I will be most curious on what happens with the health care system.  Right now that may be the most frustrating thing going.  But we’ll see how that and all else goes as we begin with a new administration in power.

--  Last this week… I am pushing off the Glass Magazine review to next post- I know my audience and if I start flying past 700+ words I’ll lose you…. So we’ll hit that and much more next time out!


I love movies and I love creativity.  But a live action remake of “Dumbo” is just not cutting it for me.

I talked about social media above and it’s place in the world. Now the twitter account of the fast food restaurant Wendy’s isblistering folks.  And it’s comical.

Truly and creepy and bizarre story. I just don’t get our world sometimes….


“The Founder” comes out this Friday and I am hoping to see it then or over the weekend.  It is the story of Ray Kroc and his building of the McDonalds empire.  I have read the book on this and read a ton of other materials on it, so I am really curious to see it portrayed on the big screen and if Hollywood takes creative license… here’s the latest trailer.

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