Sunday, March 20, 2016

Windows in Paradise?

Hawaii is experiencing a building boom and with it comes adventures.  One such issue popped on my radar this week with an almost completed residential skyscraper using a window in an application that to me is downright scary.  At the Ritz Carlton Residences on Waikiki Beach, the windows go floor to ceiling, but they project out at the bottom (floor level) at least 4 inches.  (Window opens out, not up)  That may seem harmless in print, but looking at it in reality it makes no sense at all.   The opening is at the floor, and surely large enough for almost anything to fall through it and be a dangerous projectile for those on the ground.  In fact at least one cell phone has already fallen through.  But the bigger safety issue to me is the human factor.  While a child or an adult can’t fall through a 4” opening the fact that the window opens outward momentum from a human can potentially push them right through.  Amazing this design meets code because there is a 3” lip at the floor in front of the window.  Because it meets code, the city planners say their hands are tied.  Thankfully there’s now a push locally from home inspectors (props to Wayne Blackburn of Inspector Homes for leading the charge) and others to get this issue addressed.  For me it’ a common sense thing- I just can’t grasp why a designer would choose this style of window for this application and why no one is thinking of the liability that will certainly come.  I am not a big window guy, maybe this design is common, but I’ve never seen it in an application like this.  The Honolulu Star Advertiser has a great story on it, but it’s behind a paywall so I can’t link here.  I’ll keep following the process, as this structure is due to officially open in April. 

UPDATE:  Wayne Blackburn of Inspector Homes provided this picture to me so you can see exactly what I am talking about.  Thank you Wayne!


--  Great news on an honor being bestowed on one of the best our industry has.  Julie Schimmelpenningh of Eastman is receiving the Award of Merit from ASTM International.  This is the highest award an individual can get and it so deserved.  The time, effort, and care Julie puts into representing her company and our industry is incredible.  It is awesome she is being recognized for those efforts!!  Congrats Julie!

--  One of the commercials during March Madness basketball was for a business insurance company called CinFin, also known as Cincinnati Financial.  The commercial featured a glass facility- looked like a fabricator actually.  So who was it?  Which company got featured?  If it’s you don’t be shy and let me know… and way to go on getting featured in the commercial… hopefully you got a break on rates!

--  Really excited about the news on the expansion of GlassBuild America.  I really love that things are progressing in our industry so well that the show can grow.  The event this year is later than normal- October 19-21 in Las Vegas, and it will be the perfect place and time to wind down 2016 and budget, prep, and plan for 2017.  Can’t wait. 

--  Last this week… would you hire a photographer for your vacation as noted in this story.  It’s becoming a bit of trend where people are hiring professionals to documents everything on their trips- the reason I find this at all interesting is in the digital and smart phone era, picture taking has taken off, everyone thinks they’re a pro now.  I guess not “everyone” is after all.


7-11 is now selling a slurpee flavored donut.  I am sure it is low calorie and fat free.

THIS is an awesome story!

The first movie I ever saw in a theater was the original Willy Wonka.  Now it looks like the Chocolate Factory is coming to life at Universal Studios.


My son has totally gotten me back into watching Saturday Night Live (though I watch the next day.. I’m too old to stay up…lol) and it’s been good.  This past week Ariana Grande was guest host and this performance, which I also believe she did on the Jimmy Fallon show was great.

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