Sunday, March 13, 2016

Renovate and Remodel First!

A lot of things drive me crazy.  Those of you who know me, know that I surely have my quirks.  One thing that gets me going is when you see an empty building or strip mall, and then on the site right next to it or in front of it, a brand new structure is being built.  It’s insane when we build new commercial spots when we have empty or underused ones in virtually the same place.  So I was quite pleased this week when I saw the story of shoe and clothing company Under Armour remodeling an old “Sam’s Club” building into a major office space for themselves.  This article should be shared with city and municipal planners everywhere and note before you approve that new retail structure 500 feet away from a perfectly good unused one think about how great this turned out. I know people prefer “new” but we as a society really need to improve the existing for many reasons….


--  Good news on the Dodge Momentum Index with a positive gain in February.  The next release of the other metric I follow regularly, the Architectural Billings Index (ABI) is set for March 23rd.

--  The e-mail virus scams are continuing to plague consumers and businesses and the latest one is having great success with it’s approach- so beware.  The e mail will come in and it will say something along the lines of “Invoice attached” and since we are all usually on our toes with regards to bills, clicking that link or attachment is almost 2nd nature.  However these e-mails have become a carrier for a nasty computer virus.  So if you are not used to getting invoices via e mail or do not recognize who is sending it to you, please do not open- delete. 

--  I am so pumped the best show on TV returns this week… “The Americans” are back and I simply can’t wait.  Awesome stuff.  If you have not caught the show, start from the beginning- it truly is a treasure, and if you do watch it, buckle in, I have a feeling this is going to be a very interesting year!

--  Congrats to my friend Devorah Serkin for her new gig at General Glass International (GGI)- Devorah is an extremely talented person and it was a pleasure getting to work with her in her past life at Dip-Tech.  She will do great things at GGI for sure. 

--  Last this week, just wanted to pass on congrats on a position I care a great deal about- the chair of GANA BEC.  Jon Kimberlain of Dow Corning has completed his term and he did a fantastic job.  I have noted Jon’s impact here previously and that surely will not be forgotten.  Stepping in as the new Chair is Gus Trupiano of AGC.  This is an excellent selection for the role.  Gus is tremendous man who will bring a new voice and vision to the position and keep the division & industry moving forward.  This is excellent news for all who are involved in that world!


--  For my HR friends- you can enjoy this… the most ridiculous things listed on resumes.

--  Amazing picture and props to a dad with a very sore forearm… he saved his son from a flying bat. 

--  We have small dogs and unfortunately we are  having coyote sightings- so I think I’ll be ordering 3 of these for our pups.


It’s March Madness…. So time to remember a great moment from March Madness past… for my friend Tony Clark….

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