Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Woes

We’re entering the final month of Q1 2015 and there’s now an extra storyline to deal with.  The renewed grip of winter hitting in more areas than normal could wreak havoc on bottom line performance in this quarter, which would be similar to what happened same time in 2014.  Obviously a majority of the industry bounced back nicely but no one ever wants to start from behind.  Plus winter delays will also make the glass capacity issues even more perilous.  Basically jobs that should be installed right now are behind and on hold and eventually they will go as well as the jobs that were scheduled to go during that time.  And what will come with that will be an extra dose of mayhem, if glass supply stays tight.  So once again, the need for planning and proactivity is key.  Bottom line for me… I hope March quickly gets from its “entering as a lion phase” and moves right to the “lamb” portion.  The sooner the better…


--  Just a programming note… next week I’ll post this blog from Las Vegas, site of the GANA Annual Conference and BEC.  I’ll have some recaps of the events including some insights from the annual Energy Day program that incredible people like Mark Silverberg of Technoform put on as well as code updates from Dr. Tom Culp and more.  Plus the networking notes and who knows what rumor or scuttlebutt can come out…

--  If you did not catch the blog from Jeff Razwick of TGP, please check it out.  As always it’s well done and though provoking.  And it’s also a very effective argument about some of the great things our industry does. 

--  A congrats to Linda Vos-Graham on her recent honor of being named a finalist for the “Top Women Owned Business Awards”- she is seriously deserving of this recognition.  Linda is a tremendous asset to our industry and the few times I have seen her in a public dialogue (NGA’s GEF a few years ago especially) she was simply amazing. 

--  So a big question… a design of a new Google headquarters is out and it looks absolutely wild.  With that, what are the chances that a North American manufacturer and fabricator get this work or will it come from overseas? 

--  Good part of it finally being March?  March Madness and the College Basketball brackets. Not sure anyone can beat Kentucky….

--  Last this week… the magazine Fast Company did a piece on the most innovative companies in 2015.  (actually makes me think we should do a list like that in our world- I think I will do some day soon) The top 5 were…

5- Instgram
4- Google
3- Alibaba
2- Apple

and #1…. was… Warby Parker!  Only one problem… I have never heard of them… no clue who they are or what they innovate (eye glasses from what I found)  So I’m blown away that the most innovative company according to these guys is someone that surely is not near the mainstream.  And if they were a computer or software related company I could believe it, but glasses?  Wow.


The downside of the very popular website Etsy.

Classic justice served to the “office lunch thief” – Love it!

The hero teen in a snowstorm…


The keynote speaker at GANA BEC is Jim Abbott… retired and amazing baseball player.  Should be a great speech… here’s a look back at one of the great moments in Jim’s career.

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