Sunday, February 08, 2015

Don't Count Out the Birds

In one of my predictions for 2015, I noted that the “Bird Safe” glass revolution would grow.  One key area of growth is to get a stronger voice in the code process and that seemingly is happening.  I think I underestimated the bird safe lobby and their desire to get safe glass specified and installed- probably because this has been an issue on the radar for several years.  I remember being at meeting where the always on top of things, Julie Schimmelpenningh (then of Solutia, now of Eastman) bringing it up as an issue to be aware of and approach.  And basically companies did, but the drumbeat for it to take off never took place.  But now with easily available glass products for it and a possible push on the code side, we’re about to see the revolution grow.


--  Those of you who know me, know I have not been a fan of the USGBC green rating system LEED for a while now.  Well it looks like I am getting more company on that stance.  First, a Turner Construction survey shows that interest in alternative green rating systems is up 250% in the last 2 years.  And then we have the states of Alabama, Georgia, Maine, and Mississippi who have now essentially “banned” the use of LEED for state funded projects due to one of the credit items in the old 2009 criteria.  Now I think green and sustainable building is a must (I prefer Net Zero) and having a solid, reliable, and logical green rating system is crucial.  So I am surely not against the concept, but against at least the set up of the biggest guy on the block.  What will be interesting now is to see if any of these alternative systems can truly step up and be a significant competitor to LEED.

--  Not sure where these stack up energy or “green” wise but a very neat piece on the “5 coolest buildings” completed in 2014.  None in the US, but one is in British Columbia and I am curious which of the awesome glass fabricators in the Pacific Northwest supplied the glass on it…

--  I’m still in shock over the Super Bowl… that ending.  Wow.  Anyway… the best part for me is the commercials, so a quick rundown… obviously the one that made the most news was the bizarre Nationwide “kid” commercial.  If there was ever a PR and marketing combined fail it was that one.  Killing off a kid in front of 114 million viewers in efforts to sell insurance is simply wrong.  To defend it by saying you were trying “educate” is a joke as well.  Best commercials for me were the Budweiser dog returning home one… (we have 4 dogs… I’d be a mess if one left) along with the comical Bryant Gumbel/Katie Couric BMW flashback to 1994.  I laughed even more as that was the year I got my AOL e-mail address that I still have and use today.  Last, the Doritos middle seat commercial was great; all of us have been in that position in one form or another.  Great twist. 

--  Last this week… I have noted here many times that following the Glass Magazine twitter feed can be just as good as being there.  And this past week that was true again during a Facades Conference in Los Angeles.  The stream of tweets were quick and insightful.  And once again while I wish I could’ve attended, I was able to get some of the flavor needed thanks to the feed.  That is where social media really pays off, the ability to real time an interesting event.  Or being able to review the feed at the end of the day and see it all at once.  Nice work!


--  “Clean” eating is going be a big issue some day… the body needs some negative items to fight off…

--  This is a classic… very very bad ad placement!

--  This is surely the “Shake My Head” article of the week.  Wow.


Back in the day I was a fan and viewer of “Saved by the Bell” – it was a classic for sure.  This past week Jimmy Fallon shocked many when he had a very cool flashback and reunion.

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