Sunday, November 16, 2014

A BIG deal in the works??

The acquisition part of the glass industry has been pretty quiet in the last few years.  While some smaller deals have taken place, the mega deals have not.  Well I can tell you that if the hot rumors blowing up my phone and e-mail are true, there is one such mega deal coming soon. Simply to say if this deal happens it will change the landscape of the industry again.  Back in my past life I could throw the names out there (like I did when I broke the EFCO-Pella and Oldcastle-Vistawall deals) but things are different these days.  People are more careful (me included) and companies like to float things to throw me off the scent (yes I have been told as much), so I’ll just leave it at the teaser above.  In any case I’m grabbing the popcorn and sitting back waiting to see if/when this one happens…. It should be very interesting.


--  Guardian announcing the closing of their Floreffe, PA plant will be the third domestic float plant to go off line in the last year now.  So you now can add that to the many (nine at least) gone since 2006.  In some circles you are hearing that this whole tightening of glass supply may be made up.  All I am saying is its now down to pure math & logic.  It’s A LOT less capacity matched to better and improving business conditions.  So as a consumer of glass you have two choices… look for a conspiracy and start arguments or plan to be proactive and be on top of your game with active communications and prepared logistics.    Your choice… but math and logic are on my side on this one.  And if the tightening does not turn out to be serious, guess what… your business actually got better because you had to become even more efficient than before.  No downside at all to that.

--  There is one other major potential tightening of supply in the world right now that could be a concern… that would be a potential shortage of Chocolate.  Amazingly as this story breaks down for you, even a product like this suffers from many supply chain issues too.  Glad I am back on the diet again as when I get off M&M’s may be $10 per bag. 

--  So I have to ask my readers in California for some insight into what I am hearing is a massive mess with Title 24.  Evidently municipalities are developing their own codes which are confusing and beyond the current written code in place.  This “wild wild west” mentality is throwing the various code inspectors into a bit of a flux and thus delaying code decisions and actual occupancy of buildings.  So folks in California I’d love some input on what is happening there and if it’s as crazy as it sounds.  Or is it just the good ole California way of doing business?  At the end of the day though it’s already tough enough to do business when you are dealing with codes and ratings as it is, but a moving goal post is surely not fun.

--  Speaking of energy…. In Washington DC it will be interesting to see if the change in the make up of the Senate will help the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill get off the ground.  There are some positives in that bill that would be good for our industry for sure. 

--  Coming soon… my list of potential Industry MVP’s…  last year’s winner was Tracy Rogers of Quanex.  Who will take home the prize in 2014?


--  This could be tremendous news.  The cause of ALS possibly found…

--  12 year old runs away and lives in an IKEA store for 6 days.  Wow.

--  Very sad story and the need to do something with regards to the Greek system at colleges.  The drinking and initiation process have to get under control.


The Seattle “Seahawk” lands on a poor guys head.  Crazy.  Maybe because the guy had good hair, something I will never have to worry about!

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