Sunday, November 23, 2014

Still waiting on the deal of the year

Short week ahead but for good or bad (mostly bad in my case) this week in past years always brought news. Will “big news” happen this year?  The note I had here last week on the potential mega deal propelled this blog to the most traffic it’s had in a long time.  So obviously there’s a hunger for info… The deal I mentioned has NOT happened yet, and when one other acquisition took place and people saw it tweeted out by Glass Magazine, I was asked if “that was the deal” I was talking about.  And the answer was absolutely not.  A one location purchase is not a mega deal, and believe me if this deal I am hearing about happens, you will see it’s a lot bigger.  As for said mega deal, I am hearing if it is going to happen, it will be done soon.  No later than the end of the year.  As for the effect on the industry they’ll be several, most though involving some strategic changes to plans already set for 2015.  As soon as I hear if this deal goes through I’ll tweet it out and make sure you are also following Glass Magazine on twitter, as I am sure they’ll be on top of it too. 


--  The acquisition from last week by the way, Trulite buying Texas Tempered did have everyone talking though.  No doubt that this industry does get into the acquisition insight game and the analysis that goes with it is fascinating.  The big angle most people focused on was that Trulite already has a location in Houston.  My two cents?  Houston is a big town with horrendous traffic.  Having another location there is not a bad play at all.  I have a feeling I am in the minority on that opinion.

--  Good news for those of you like me who long for competition for LEED and the USGBC.  Turner Construction’s 2014 Green Building Market Barometer showed that interest in other green building rating systems was up 250% since 2012.  Yes, please lets grow that even more.  We need green building but we need more than one system to get us there.  Let’s hope this trend continues.

--  The Architectural Billings Index slipped a bit in October but still stayed positive.  The Dodge Momentum index bounced back and had a good month.  ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator also is looking great.  So the indicators continue to be on the good side.

--  On the bad side… The weather.  My gosh the fact that we are having full-scale winter before Thanksgiving is incredibly depressing.  And how about the folks in Buffalo.  Everyone there deserves a medal.  What an unbelievable scene.  Stay warm and safe friends…

--  The latest issue of Glass Magazine has a great piece on Hardware ideas.  It’s one of those pieces you rip out and keep for future reference. (If people other than me still do that) Job well done too.

--  Last this week…  we have reached my favorite holiday of the year.  I love everything about the US Thanksgiving, including having tons of family and friends stuffed inside my house to celebrate it.  We as a society truly do have a lot to be thankful for… And please this holiday; say a prayer of thanks to the awesome and brave men and women of the armed forces who protect (and have protected) this country (same for the armed forces in Canada as well).  They are selfless and tremendous people who make our world a better place.  And to you dear reader, I will always be thankful you stop on by and read my thoughts.  So to you and yours… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


--  I thought of former Guardian Glass marketing guru (and glass guy) Earnest Thompson when I saw this link on brands actually answering tweets with some comedy.  He and I had a convo on twitter actually about some of the social media and its use in the business world.  These brands get it.

--  I love dogs.  Stuff like this is why.

--  This may be the funniest link I have ever posted…  32 real reasons why people’s releationships broke up.  Some amazing ones on here!


Those who know me know I love basically everything about Canada.  I love its people, it’s cities and of course its positive effect on the glass industry.  Canadians also ooze class and it was proven yet once again last week when at a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game the microphone of the anthem singer died and the Toronto crowd stepped in and finished it… but the twist is they finished the US NATIONAL ANTHEM.  Unreal.  Only in Canada would this happen… great people…

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