Saturday, October 18, 2014

OK glasstec, bring it on!

This week is the big glasstec show in Germany and I have to admit some nerves are banging around inside my stomach right now.  For me the double whammy of a gigantic show and a foreign country really puts me out of my element.  But the preparation has been done, between studying the landscape of where the show is, loading the translator on my phone with every question I could think of so I could try and learn how to say it, and going through a list of almost 1000 exhibitors I believe I am ready.  Hopefully I didn’t either over study or miss something obvious but it’s finally time to see what happens.

Next week, we’ll have my often imitated but never duplicated show review and the gang at Glass Magazine will have some serious top-notch coverage in e-glass weekly.  Plus if you are on twitter make sure you are following Glass Magazine (@GlassMag) as the updates will be coming throughout the show.


--  The crazy and volatile week on Wall Street surely has added some nerves to many.  Our economy still has some fragility and even things that us “regular” folks take enjoyment in like lower gas prices are actually having a negative effect on some parts of the market.  With the price of oil actually tanking, this good news of sub $3 gas is now not as joyous.  I guess we just can’t win for losing sometimes…

--  Last week I wrote on the San Diego airport and I missed an amazing piece of glass work that was so notable, Glass Magazine did a “Great Glazing” piece on it earlier this year.  Thanks and props to my friend Joe Carlos of Triview for the heads up.  Great work by Joe, his team and everyone involved on this project!

--  Catching up on reading this week, ran into 2 interesting stories…  First from Laser Focus World...  
Sometimes innovation is not quite ready for prime time but its released and promoted anyway.  That’s the case with this clear glass that can collect solar energy.  The story is worth a read but check out this quote:

The big advantage of the Michigan State University design is its lack of hue; the device looks like a piece of ordinary clear plastic. “No one wants to sit behind colored glass,” says Richard Lunt, one of the researchers. “It makes for a very colorful environment, like working in a disco.”

Yep NO ONE wants to sit behind colored glass….  I mean seriously?  Has this guy ever seen the way glass in the year 2014 works?  Anyway, I hope this technology eventually works because it would be good but surely not because of the "colored" glass issue…

--  Also this week, the Washington Post did a piece on spray-coated solar panels.  I’ll be curious to see what the esteemed Ted Bleecker says about it (since Ted is a true solar guru) because while I am intrigued this also seems incredibly premature and just not ready for prime time at all.  Make sure you read to the comments at the bottom, they surely give some solid perspective.

-- As I post this the results of the Columbus Marathon are not in yet, but sending positive vibes and extra lung capacity to my pal Dean Mead of Virginia Glass Products.  I give tons of credit to guys like Dean and Joe Erb from Quanex who can just get out there and run... and run...and then run some more... hope the race was awesome my friend!

--  Last this week, those of you going to Greenbuild, please feel free to drop me a note to let me know how that show is and the pulse of the attendees there.  Hopefully all will be positive- though you all know my opinion on that event already, for the good of the industry I’ll happily be wrong. 


--  Love this story of JJ Abrams replying to an 8th grader.  So cool..

--  Grilled Cheese from the sky?  Sounds awesome!

--  Lying about your age to get on Facebook… with a twist.


I enjoy the humor of Key & Peele- here’s one of their sketches on concussions in football.  Obviously these days it's not a joking matter, but given my dislike for the NFL, I'm rolling with this.

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