Saturday, October 04, 2014

Milestones, New Jobs, New Apps and a Billionaire (maybe)

It was in October of 2005 that I started blogging.  So much has changed in the nine years since, its actually pretty mind blowing.  If you would’ve told me when I started this blog that in 2014 I would be on my own and preparing to go to Germany for a trade show, I would’ve never believed you.  Not to mention if you told me HOW some of those nine years were going to play out- that too would’ve floored me.  Guess it’s a good thing to not be able to predict the future sometimes!  In any case to those of you who have supported me and read this blog etc., thank you I will always be grateful! 


--  Speaking of exciting milestones… A Happy Anniversary to the gang at Morse Industries.  The company turned 32 this week.  I have a lot of respect for the way they do business and the way they step up to support the industry.  Here’s to many many more years!

--  A good friend of mine and one the most talented guys in the industry has a new position with a company making some moves into the market.  Donald Press, formerly the General Manager for Schott Architecture & Design is now heading up the new subsidiary of Okalux GmbH called Okalux North America.  Okalux and Schott used to have a marketing agreement and that has been ended, so now Donald has a new gig with the new company and I know he will do great.

--  Forbes last week listed 1645 billionaires in the world.  Rumor has it one of them is former glass industry wiz, Scott Surma.  Maybe time for me to call him for a loan….

--  The Efficient Window Collaborative just launched a new “App” for their window selection tool.  As you may know I am huge fan of Kerry Haglund and her team and this app is absolutely off the charts in terms of information and ease of use.  Another great tool for the public to use!  Props to everyone behind this excellent effort.

--  One issue that Kerry (among others) have hit me up on is the bird control issue with the new Minnesota stadium.  Well last week the bird issue actually came up, somewhat quietly with another stadium.  Levi’s Stadium, the new home for the 49ers will pay 70K over 3 years for “bird control” at their new stadium.  All I could find on this was a lonely tweet from a beat writer locally there, but it surely begs the question of exactly what is happening and could this too been avoided with glass?  Could the Vikings be planning the same?

--  Last this week; it would not be an anniversary blog for me if I did not hit on one my most favorite subjects over the years… NFRC.  I had to laugh this week when I had the opportunity to sit in on a fascinating industry presentation.  In the middle of this incredibly informative and in-depth piece the NFRC logo appears and the speaker proclaims “and NFRC is a group you need to be aware of and understand what they do and the effect on your business…”  Classic, the more things change….


--  Crazy cost from a “cheap” airline option.  Always be careful what you click.

--  Oh… the “anti-Facebook” you say?  I’m interested!

--  When the auto reply meant to look “real” goes wrong.


I love my dogs.. and this is something one of my dogs would do.  Get confused whether there was a door there or not….

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