Sunday, May 04, 2014

Recognize those people!!

I think most people who know me, know that I do love recognizing people on this blog.  I enjoy getting acknowledgement to those folks who deserve it and letting the world know what I already do- these are good people!  Well each year the fine folks from Glass Magazine do up the “recognition” process better than anyone with their Glass Magazine Award-People Categories.  Getting the thumbs up from the industry with these awards is the industries most prestigious honor and now’s your chance to nominate those people who should be in the running.  Nominations are open until May 15th, so this is the time where you get put up the names of the best project manager, best production supervisor, best sales rep, and best installer.  After the finalists are named it will come down to the popular vote.  But your best can’t win if their not nominated, so get to it. 


--  The airport piece I had last week hit home for a lot of folks and I even got pictures from one of our industries most tuned in people.  Rob Botman of Glassopolis shared these shots from the Zurich Airport… bright and clean, good use of glass floor to ceiling. 

Zurich Airport via Rob Botman, Glassopolis

So folks as you travel, shoot some pictures at the airports you visit (and the good use of glass) and I’ll run them here. (As I figure out how to strategically place them of course!)  Thank you.  I just wish I was at Dulles to grab some shots.

--  Speaking of shots… Joe Carlos of Triview sent me one that depressed me... giving me the news that gas is already way over $4 in California… so that means while most states will break the $4 mark this summer, California will probably top 5.  That’s depressing.

--  Congrats to the fine folks at Technical Glass Products on winning the Seattle Magazine award for Manufacturer of the Year in the state of Washington.  A well-deserved honor and I can tell from visiting there last year, TGP is in a class by itself when it comes to its plant and manufacturing operation.  A big year for the team at TGP too- first their beloved Seahawks win the Super Bowl and now this!

--  I have no clue what “Foursquare” (some sort of social network) but no way would I ever use it after reading that the founder and head of Foursquare stole a bib to run in the Boston Marathon. This story tells it better than I can, I just hate when people who don’t get what they want decide to cheat to get it.

--  California Chrome wins the Derby... look out folks we may have a Triple Crown winner for the first time since 1978.  The only horse that can stand in his way is Untapable... we'll see.

--  Last this week… it’s May.  I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by.  Maybe partly since it still feels like winter in Michigan.


--  Whenever I read these stories it seriously makes my head spin.  Teacher giving a lap dance.  Really???
--  Getting your kids ready for college- really important- even in Kindergarten in some states.  Wow.

--  Fellow Disney fanatics, a look back at some great pictures of Disneyland back in the day.

Shirtless man interviewed during some California wildfires this week decides to ask out the reporter.  Comical.

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