Sunday, February 02, 2014

Wicked Winter Taking its Toll

Just when you thought that weather could not get any crazier, a storm this past week happened in the south and turned that part of the world on its ear.  People being stranded in cars, schools, and stores are simply stories I’d never expect to hear in the year 2014 with all of the technology/abilities we have at our disposal.  One of my former co-workers was stranded, then spent 9 hours in a cab to go 5 miles and waited another 2 hours to get through airport security.  I guess it shows that we still have a ways to go with regards to disaster or storm preparedness eh?  As for the business effect, I am afraid that with how awful the weather was in most of the country in January, not many owners are going to be very excited to look at their P&L’s as they get completed this week.  Hopefully the worst of this winter is over, but I have a feeling its not.


--  Oh and speaking of weather, while snow and ice is dominating so much of the country, California is in a severe drought.  Unreal.  I feel like I have enough snow in my backyard to solve those problems!

--  I’m escaping this winter for a few days by attending the GANA Annual Conference in Orlando this week.  I am very excited for this event.  A ton of prime time players will be in attendance and some great subject matter to be covered.  Next week I’ll give the complete review.

--  One conference I unfortunately can’t attend but believe will be awesome is the upcoming IGMA event March 3-7 in San Francisco.  IGMA always does things first class and I expect this one will follow suit.  If you are in the IG business and not attending, you are missing out.  Plus the legend Julie Schimmelpennigh is giving a presentation!  That alone is worth it…

--  Word of the ruling from the Court of International Trade standing behind its decision on Chinese curtain wall imports was big news and another positive move for the North American glass and glazing industry.  Between the AEC led push of the Department of Justice False Claims Act a few weeks ago, the Window and Wall Ratio appeal victory and now this, the start of 2014 has been refreshing from the rulemaking standpoint.  And opponents of the curtain wall issue should look at the ruling from the DOJ before they think they have it all figured out. 

--  The Architectural Billings Index was down for 2nd straight month.  This does play into some of the fears that are out there that 2015 is will be rough.  I’m not sure I’m ready to buy into that theory and I’m using this year to measure how the ABI does anyway…

--  ESPN recently produced a mini documentary on Richard Jewell, the security guard who was wrongly accused of setting the bombs in Centennial Park at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.  At 21 minutes long, it’s absolutely riveting and surely gets you thinking about how the media worked (and still works today) and how it can shape public perception.  Also how the life of a guy who should’ve been celebrated as a great hero, was ruined.

-- Last this week.  Congrats to all of the Seattle Seahawk fans... great win.   I was a big Seahawk fan growing up, loving Jim Zorn, Sherman Smith, Steve Largent and the gang.  Very cool to see that franchise win!  Commercials for the night were weak- I thought the M&M's and Tebow were best along with Radio Shack (the admitted they were stuck in the 80's!!! Brash!) but after that the crop was weak.  And how about Maserati doing an ad?  Why?  Makes no sense at all.   Oh I will say I loved halftime.  Bruno Mars is an entertainer in every way and enjoyed the Red Hot Chili Peppers joining him. 


--  Amazing story of a random sperm donor and two friends in college.

--  As a marketing guy I can see how sometimes an idea can go bad, but this one was horrific. Really not right.

--  BBB warns… if you don’t know the number calling you… don’t answer and don’t call it back.  (If they leave a voice mail and you know the person… then do it)


Yes I admit I am a huge Tim Tebow guy.  While he may not be the greatest QB in the world, he’s a leader and from all accounts an excellent guy.  Add to it a great personality with this super commercial on how he spends his time without a contract.  Good work by T-Mobile here as well with the concept.

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Thanks for the nice words about our Seahawks - What a team! Also, I thought you would have liked this Super Bowl commercial from Microsoft, which so happens to be in our neck of the woods, too.
Great place to live!
Kudos on your blog!