Sunday, February 09, 2014

Celebrate the Win, Stay Focused on the Future

Last week the Glass Association of North America held their Annual Conference in Florida and quite a bit of interesting tidbits came out during the event.  The highlight was the celebratory lap for the group of people that worked so hard on the ASHRAE Window to Wall Ratio issue.  It was nice to rehash such a significant moment in our industry.  However the major caution that came with the cheers was that “it’s never over” when it comes to attacks on our world and we can’t sit back on our laurels.  We have to keep innovating and then pushing AND implementing said innovation.  I believe we have great momentum and we do have excellent products both available now and in the pipeline, so the world is ours.  Let’s keep going!

Also in the news from the conference:

--  A presentation on the new LEED, known as LEEDv4 opened eyes.  I think it has potential to be very difficult on our industry, especially on regional manufacturer categories.  It’s not mandatory until mid 2015, but you better start understanding it and learning it now. It does feature many “good” things for energy efficiency but also has a comical and bizarre “Quality View” category that is just weak. (a ton worse than the old "bike rack" that was always panned) So just when you think these guys get it, you see that they don’t.

--  The Energy Day was very strong.  Kudos to Mark Silverberg, Dr. Helen Sanders, Stanley Yee and the rest of the team that set it up.  The speech by Dr. Mikkel Kragh of Dow Corning was mesmerizing.  The ideas and information he presented were among the best I have seen.

--  Lots of people were honored throughout the event.  A memorial was done for Greg Carney; it was done with perfect tone, a great way to remember a great man.  Notable was that Jim Benney of NFRC made a heartfelt speech about Greg.  Obviously Greg and Jim butted heads later in his life but once upon a time they were on the same side and that’s something many may had forgotten.  It was a classy moment for sure.

--  Carol Land is retiring from the organization and was honored in front of the crowd; I for one will miss her.  She has always been tremendous to me, and these events will never be the same without her influence.  Other very well deserving folks won awards as well and I also wanted to give public props to Valerie Block of Dupont for all she does for that organization and our industry.  She’s had and I would assume would continue to have an important role in how certain standards are set and explained.


--  Got news that Tim McQuade of NWI is hanging them up.  You can consider this as another big departure to our industry as Tim helped build NWI into an absolute force in his 20 years as President there, and 39 overall.  I personally will miss Tim as he was always willing to hear me out on whatever lame-brained adventure I was onto.  Thank you Tim and enjoy your retirement!!  Rick Nelson will be the guy who takes over there and I am sure already has my e-mail and phone numbers blocked!

--  Also last week the International Builders Show took place in Las Vegas and every single report I got back said it was awesome and best in years.  That is very exciting.  It means we surely have some positive approaches going.  It also says that trade shows ARE a good and important way of doing business…. Nice to see.

--  Last this week… the Olympics.  I always enjoy many aspects of the Winter Games but I am really looking forward to the hockey.  It usually never fails to bring great action and drama.  I’m going with the Fins in a major upset. 


--  Interesting debate, what is the worst song of all time?

--  A woman changing her name to “Sexy”… Who cares and why is this a story?

--  Another heads up for a nasty virus… fake funeral notifications.  This one will trick many I believe.


In case you missed it… here is the incredible Radio Shack commercial from the super bowl.  Not only do you have the great 80’s nostalgia bit, but you also have a company openly mocking itself and trying to reinvent.  I love it. Now it will be interesting to see if their effort pays off.

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