Saturday, September 08, 2012


Finally after months and months of build up, GlassBuild America is here.  I have attended this show pretty much yearly (even when it was just the “glass show”) since I started in the industry.  One of the tag lines for the show is “the place where the industry meets” and it is so true.  Every facet of our world is represented, heck even press that usually ignore it for 362 days of the year, covers it like crazy for 3.  It IS where business gets done, where innovation IS found, and where networking takes over.  And it’s finally here…

Elsewhere from GBA…

--  From the show floor, I’ll have sporadic posts on my own blog but the real major recap will come next week.  In the meantime if you want to follow along, the coverage from Glass Magazine will be top notch (as always) along with live tweets coming from the show organizers at the address.  So whether you are attending or have to stay home (I have a few friends regretfully staying home to tend to major business items) you can still follow all the action online. 

--  If you are coming and I haven’t met you yet, please by all means, if you see the chubby bald guy wearing striped shirt and media vest, stop me and say hi. That has happened in the past and great friendships have come of it.  My favorite of the times that has happened?  The classy and cool Milind Jhaveri of Technoform stopped me in my tracks a few years ago, somehow recognizing me from picture and I’ll always be grateful he did. 

--  They’ll be many highlights of the week but I am most excited about the “State of the Industry” panel at the Glazing Executive Forum.  The panel features great folks with diverse opinions and insights on our world.  Should be very interesting.

--  Also excited about Steve O’Halloren moderating a cool decorative glass session on Friday morning.  That should be fun and informative.  As well as getting to attend the Quanex cocktail party and seeing my friends from that company and the rest industry as there’s nothing out there like that event.

--  Aside from the show, there’s plenty of other news I want to hit but I don’t want it to get lost in the GlassBuild shuffle.  So I’ll save my takes on the Glass Magazine Award winners, the great news from my friends at RavenBrick, the latest acquisition from Grey Mountain, and of course the latest economic news for future posts. Also I'll want to cover this comment that was left on last week's post- makes a great point:

What? Not a single comment about our need for trained glaziers. I have commented before about our need to recruit and properly train our workforce. It is a need very few companies seem to want to invest in. Quality, Safety and Reliability depend on this.

No doubt that subject is a biggie, even if we don't get tons of comments on it.

--  We’ll see you on the floor!


-- Amazing this woman ripped off her friends for hundred of thousands of dollars. 

--  Is the lap dance a tax-exempt art?  A court will decide.

--  Can we please get our senses of humor back?  Billboard controversy.


A remake of the classic Red Dawn movie?  Yes please.  That will be a fun one to see and here’s the trailer.  Plus Josh Peck from the old kids show “Drake and Josh” is one of the stars… good to see him in action.

((Unfortunately I can't get any of the trailers to work... will keep trying- man if I was the producer of this movie I'd be peeved- ))

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Tom said...

The state of the industry is tough with manufacturing on a decline. But I was just talking to my daughter about what happened to Josh Peck, I will have to let her know he's back.