Thursday, September 13, 2012

GlassBuild Update

Sorry for the lack of updates here... For some reason Me, Vegas and the Internet are not getting along very well.  I went to post some thoughts this AM and it was misery.  Anyway seems to be working now.

Quick thoughts:

- My big review, along with my "who did I get to see report" will be coming along over the weekend.  Needless to say it has been amazing catching up!

- Show has been tremendous.  Plain and simple.  Attendance strong, but better yet, attendees are seriously engaged and interested in the exhibits.

- The GEF event went off nicely- loved the industry panel and as always NGA's Chief Economist Jeff Dietrich delivered yet again!!

- My feet hurt.  Badly.

- Some really impressive booth efforts here.  I thought last year was good, this year I think may be better in terms of people putting up interesting displays.

- You'd be amazed how quickly you get noticed wearing a bright yellow vest like I was.  (I did it so people knew who the chubby bald guy was video taping their booth... I am not the enemy!)

- Some notable folks missing.  Yes Greg Carney, that was for you... with Julie Schimmelpenningh close behind!  LOL  See you both next year!

That is it for now... like I said more over the weekend!

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