Sunday, June 17, 2012

Survey Madness

Very interesting study released by PPG at the end of last week.  They commissioned a study of architects and it covered a wide range of subjects.  The headline piece was that the architects surveyed expect building integrated clean energy sources to increase.  However I think that is a folly somewhat because I think most architects WANT to do the right thing but in the end simply can’t because of costs, supply, sources etc.  If however this can happen, and architects are able to get these net zero style products in the specifications (and through the value engineering built to knock them out) we’ll surely be on a great path.  Long way to go though.  There was one other item from the study that truly stunned me too.  PPG actually finished 5th in name recognition.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Pittsburgh or maybe its my respect for such wonderful PPG folks like Keith Pettigrew, Jan Rogan, Glenn Miner, and so on that I always thought they would be one or two- but in this survey they trail USG, Armstrong, Kawneer, and CertainTeed.  Kawneer I could see, the others since they are out my world were major surprises.  Nonetheless, an intriguing read.


--  Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day.  A favorite part of this industry is how many fathers and sons are in it together, so this holiday really means a ton in our world.

--  Heard through the grapevine that NEOCON, the big decorative show was solid, but not spectacular.  Guardian really made a heck of an impression with a big social media push that led to good crowds at their booth.  No doubt those guys have really committed to using the online world to help drive business/awareness.  Also from the show, I was sent pictures of the GGI booth and it looked impressive and otherwise was able to keep up on the rest of the goings on thanks to the excellent twitter feed of ICD’s Steve O’Hollaren (handle- SteveO_ICD).

--  Want to know a frustrating scammy sort of deal?  I was due an upgrade on my phone, so I went in and got a new one.  All was fine. Got the new phone and life was peachy.  But then my bill came and I saw this $30 charge for an “upgrade fee” – something no one had told me.  Evidently it’s a legit charge in their minds, but pretty dastardly and wrong if you ask me. 

--  Looked like some serious work got done, as always, at the recent IGMA meetings.  I love the focus on the NREL testing and thermal stress piece.  To me all of the technical work done there has some serious importance in our world and everyone who isn’t attending and involved should be happy that those who are there are looking out for our best interests.

--  Last this week, thanks to friend of the Blog and very happy Kings fan Joe Carlos of TriView Glass.  These are giant portraits printed on grass.  Not glass, but GRASS.  Crazy.


--  I actually like some of this group’s music (I have very wide ranging tastes) but this newspaper surely didn’t.

--  Comical, yet bizarre article on fairy tales that get updated via the movies.

--  Terrible tragedy here  but why are these kids playing in a cemetery? 


--  I loved the past “Bourne” movies and am curious to see how the new one, the first without Matt Damon in the lead, does.  Here’s the official trailer.  Looks pretty good.  Oh and by the way, want a raw and fun hockey movie?  Check out “Goon”… it won’t win any awards but was a campy romp.

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