Saturday, June 09, 2012

A good delay

The news that LEED version 2012 will be delayed for rework did not surprise me in the least.  I have been on the side of hammering LEED for a while now, and have not been alone in that opinion, and now it’s obvious that the folks behind this green rating system realized they needed to get some things in order.  Hopefully this next generation of LEED, to be named LEED v4 will be a better program for all.  From our industry perspective there’s still a ton of confusion about what variation of LEED we are actually on.  Every day I see requests come over that range from early versions to things that I don’t know even exist, so when that continually happens, you know there’s some serious disconnects.  And that does not include the holes in LEED as it is.  Anyway, its good things are being addressed; let’s hope this additional time brings improvements.  

By the way, the best chance you have to get into a serious understanding of LEED 2012 (v4) is at the Glazing Executive Forum with the excellent Paul Nutcher presenting.  Seriously a must attend. 


--  Got my issue of Glass Magazine this week with the iconic Top 50 Glaziers as the feature.  Great reading as always.  Also kudos to the designers there too, as the layout was very clean, classy and interesting.  Really impressive. 

--  Insanely bizarre article about Solar Panels that are being built to work underwater.  My first thought was…  it sure would be nice to perfect the ones that are for buildings first… my second thought after reading this article was the pure amazement that 2500 people work at the Naval Research lab.  Doesn’t that seem a bit high?  2500 people?

--  Ever see the commercial where the lady is sitting in tub watching a movie on her iPad?  Am I nuts here but there’s no way I’d take an expensive electronic product anywhere near a tub.  Do any of you do that?

--  Very sad that “I’ll Have Another” was scratched from the Belmont Stakes.  Really wanted to see him run for the Triple Crown.  I am starting to think I may never see another Triple Crown winner in my lifetime.

--  A tremendous honor for 3 PPG scientists for their developments on glass advancements.  People pick on our industry all the time but the technical developments are happening almost daily, and this recognition proves it.

--  The annual Neocon trade show is this week in Chicago.  While I will not be there I will have my contacts in attendance and giving me a flavor.  This show has the extreme decorative flavor that has become a growing segment in our world.  I’ll give my recap via my contacts next week.

--  Last this week; the “Road to GlassBuild” blog that gets linked to on e weekly is now going to weekly and more frequent updates.  Some great video spotlights, Q&A’s and news about the show.  You can bookmark the site by going there now.


--  Really interesting article on the use of “Search and Replace” when it comes to publishing.

--  From the Miss USA pageant last week… is Pretty Woman a role model?

--  Dare you to find a more bizarre story. 


The whole “Call Me Maybe” song video parody thing has reached fever pitch.  Everyone has done one, but I think it all started with this really funny piece by the guys on Harvard baseball team.  12.2 Million people have viewed this version… amazing!

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