Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ready to Roll!

Well I have been teasing this for a few weeks and the time has come to finally introduce everyone to my new venture. Or actually more apt, my new AD-venture! I have founded a new consulting firm for the building products industry called Sole Source Consultants. The mission of this new organization is to be a source to help businesses prosper by offering expertise in virtually every aspect of their operation. My portion of this undertaking is the marketing, branding, communication strategy and overall reputation management side, as well as website and social media and of course code and specification assistance. But to do it right I have been working with some of the best independent consultants our industry has to offer so that any need that is out there will be handled by the best available. And it doesn’t matter your size, scope, or budget, we’re there with a plan for you.

For companies in our industry, I believe now is the time to attack business wise. Step up and get ahead of the trends, get ahead of the pack and be in the lead as the economy continues to evolve. And I wholeheartedly believe Sole Source has the ability to assist and influence that charge.

So that’s the basic pitch, for more information, e-mail me at and I’ll gladly provide the specific details you desire. And also I will note, that after this post, you will not see me promoting my business in this space. This blog will continue, and it will remain as an industry observation point and the place that so many have flocked to since 2005 and made it the most popular industry blog around. I am humbled by that and thank you for reading. I will have a specific blog for the new company on the Sole Source site that will cover issues pertaining to that business but I have no desire to ever intersect the two.

Finally, as I have worked to put this together, I have been asked again and again, why I am going in this direction. What was my thought process and so on? Like I noted above, I think business wise it’s a slam-dunk. Smart companies are making the moves to be at the front of the bus, and they’ll be in the market for the services that a group like mine can provide. But this is also about my family. From my great grandfather, grandfather, Dad, and brother Steve- they all started businesses and did extremely well. I want to see if I can measure up to their awesome legacy. And further more I wanted to create a vehicle that my kids (along with my wife, brother, sister, and Mom) can look at and be proud of… a venture that sets the tone for the future, provides positive services, and helps people achieve and reach their goals.
Plus rumor has it if I do well I may end up moving up the rankings of the favorite people in my Mom’s life. Right now I am perking around #17… so there’s that.

Anyway thank you for reading and supporting the blog and my career as it’s gone through the years and know I truly appreciate any and all consideration you send my way.


Since this post was so long- we’ll save the posts for next week. But I do want to say I will have a piece on a very scary and discouraging item about glaziers getting cut of the food chain by generals. And when that happens the mistakes that come with. So come back for that next week!


-- Florida has to be an interesting place to live… and now one town will charge you extra for “Sink Hole” coverage. Amazing what you have to pay for now.

-- This store is actually near where I used to live in suburban Pittsburgh. Comically stupid workers at an adult store stage a robbery. And they get caught of course.

-- Fellow travelers, you could be getting some money back from the airlines. Check out this story to see why. I hope I am…


So yes Pro Football is back… and still not that excited yet, but this video of Indy Colts punter Pat McAfee making a 75 yard Field Goal was pretty dang cool.


Stevie P said...

You will do great with your new business and I am so very proud of you with what you have accomplished so far in the glass business. Mom called and said you were always her favorite and now she would like to blog and tell the glass world about this!!!!!

MOM said...

Steve beat me to it. I wanted to be the first to wish you the world of luck and tell you that I am really proud of what you are doing. I know you'll pull this off,you ae the best.

Rich Porayko said...

Take no prisoners Max! Wishing you all the best. Trust me, there is no looking back!!