Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Never in my wildest....

You know the term “Never in my wildest dreams?” Well I can tell you I have always wanted to use it in the right context. You know like “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get locked in the M&M factory” or “Never in my wildest dreams did I think Denzel Washington would want ME in his next movie!” but amazingly that appropriate phrase now has usage in my life with “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be doing ‘all this’ again one year later.”

“All this” in case you have been living under a rock or working for the DOE (same thing) is the news that my current company is being sold after being forced into bankruptcy. No way could I have imagined this happening again and surely not so soon either. In any case it has been a mind bending experience, the same as the past event but yet different in many ways. While the process and some of the names and figures are the same, the overall action and path were markedly opposite. Still that said, it is, what it is, and I am living in the glass industries cruel version of Groundhog Day.

So here we are again, with so many of the same emotions percolating about, but still the most important angle is “hope.” I am truly hopeful and actually confident that this will work out for the company, our suppliers, customers, and most importantly all of the folks employed here. Have to stay positive and put our faith in the leadership in the U.S. that was incredibly deft enough to create viable contingency plans in case the legal matters we got sucked into went south.

So never in my wildest dreams would I ever see myself writing a post like this again, and so help me, I don’t plan on doing it a 3rd time that’s for sure. I’m rolling forward and I hope that we can get a chance to finish what we started and continue to work hard for this industry.


-- It’s kind of hard to hit other subjects when you have such a heavy angle hanging out there, but it is “business as usual” and I’ll keep going at it.

-- Saddened by the passing of John McGrory this past week. He and his family built a great company and my condolences to the family on this very sad loss for them and our industry.

-- An awesome post HERE by incredible Glass Pundit herself, Kris Vockler. Worth a read for sure as some incredible food for thought on display.

-- Am the only one who reads the story about Quanex and their changes at the Engineered Products Group and wonder what happens to some of the other key people from Edgetech?

-- I mentioned the DOE earlier and last week they announced 113 million in funding for Solar growth in the US. I really have concerns on that as I have not trusted their track record on who they have given money too and how they have given it in the past. 113 million could help many good growth companies- in a few different energy related industry segments; let’s hope this doesn’t get squandered. Plus the other thought is with the debt so high, this money better be well spent otherwise the hole goes deeper.

-- There was a comment on my blog from the esteemed Henry Taylor of Kawneer. He is also currently the head of the GANA BEC and one thing I failed to mention in all of my pieces is that Henry didn’t exactly pick the perfect time to take the reins of that group. The economy fell apart and spending on things like BEC was shrunk. Henry has done a tremendous job in driving the bus and he is supremely talented and important to the future of our world. And there’s no doubt he realizes what the holes are and what needs to be filled. I should’ve been clearer and absolutely no disrespect intended.

-- Last this week… I picked the Red Sox to win the American League and I think they’ve won once since… my gosh I have the touch don’t I? I guess that’s why one of my co-workers now calls me “The Flying Dutchman”


-- If you haven’t been following this story on the fired news anchor in Philly, you should. It’s better than the average soap opera.

-- A fun one (we all could use a fun one right?) about the physics of clown cars… how do they stuff all those guys in that small car?

-- Any blog post that gets more than 4000 comments must be interesting and this one is… looks at the accuracy of statements by BP and Donald Trump among others. Interesting overall and so are the comments below the post.


Funny TV Bloopers sent in by my pal Bob. Some good stuff in here… and again, always nice to laugh that’s for sure!

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Kris Vockler said...

Thanks for the link Max, I really appreciate it. I truly wish you were not caught in this un-fun and scary process of industry shifting. Totally not fair. But, it's not the end, your new overlords (internet gaming joke) might keep things sailing in the same direction as was set before. Hard to say right now. What I do know is, Max is a pro and will always keep moving forward and up.

With all the retirements, heck, you and I will soon become old-timers. gasp

Chin up bud, things turn out well, usually, and for a reason.