Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remembering Frank Archinaco

No doubt a very sad week when the news broke that Frank Archinaco had passed away. Frank was the first “big time” executive I had ever met in the industry and my few instances with him have stuck with me my entire life. So please indulge me as I have to share the best and craziest memory I have of Frank. It was when he had my brother Steven and I out to golf at the legendary Laurel Highlands Golf Club. This was a club that Arnold Palmer built and there was just a major tourney there the week before. I had only been in the industry a short time- I really shouldn’t have been there but my brother was nice enough to take me instead of more deserving folks. Frank met us along with another PPG executive (the also unfortunately no longer with us Richard Leggett- also a sad passing for me) and before we started broke out shirts for us to wear. Custom shirts with a monogram making light of a supplier/competitor we both had major issues with at the time. As we put on our shirts, Frank realized his was mis-sized- but being a good sport he squeezed into it. I was amazed. This is a guy who was a major bigwig in the PPG hierarchy and he’s playing along like any other regular joe.

So we hit the course and set teams. It would be Richard and Steve against me and Frank. Now anyone who knows me knows I get a little shook when I am with people I respect or am in awe of. Frank was both. So I was a nervous wreck. Add to it I was not a good golfer and there weren’t enough M&M’s in the world to calm me down. So we went at it and basically Frank carried me for 16 holes. He played amazing. We got to 17 with a chance to actually win. And I have to tell you Frank WANTED to win. It was a par 3 and after Frank’s shot went awry, it was on me. I was DYING inside and I think for sure he figured we were sunk. But somehow I hit the best shot of my life- a 180 yard par 3 that nuzzled within 3 feet of the hole. Frank had me sink the putt (which I did while about to pass out) and we won. For me it was unreal- but I got a kick out of Frank- he looked like he won the Masters. It was just such a cool scene. The PPG star and the industry newbie- you just couldn’t get an odder couple.

Anyway as the years went on I would see Frank at Glassweek- where he would abuse me about my golf game but always was genuine to me and my family. The guy was a prince to us without a doubt. My deepest condolences go to his family and all who had the honor of working with him and knowing him. Rest in Peace Frank and I know you and your presence will truly be missed.


-- A few years ago Bruce Mikels of BDM left the UGC to go to Arch and when I wrote about it, well it touched off a kerfuffle of sorts. Now Bruce is reversing course- going back to UGC and it is a coup of epic proportions for the guys at UGC. Bruce is one of the best (if not the best) manufacturers rep in our industry. UGC just got a ton better that’s for sure.

-- Congrats also out to David Ozment of Binswanger Glass for winning the Houston Area Glass Association’s Glass Professional of the Year award for 2010. That is an awesome honor.

-- The dynamic glass world continues to make waves. Soladigm just picked up another 10 million in financing. I’m telling you now the dynamic products will take off and there’s some seriously wonderful players all pushing that process in the right direction.

-- I was bummed to see Eminem not win the Grammy for best Record. No matter what you think of his lyrics (and yes they are vulgar in some cases) the guy is insanely talented music wise. And the song he did with Dr. Dre and the smoking hot Skylar Grey on the show was simply fantastic.


-- Jewelry store owner takes some justice in his own hands GOOD FOR HIM!

-- An insanely sad story about a Mom duct-taping her child down…. I am always so bothered by these stories… simply horrible.

-- And while we are at it... another parent who shouldn’t have or be around kids. So amazing to me.


Very cool and futuristic video from Corning that shows all the possibilities of where glass could go. Also check on some of the comments- some are really hilarious.


jarchinaco said...

Thank you for the story about my father. Classic stuff!

-J. Archinaco

Max Perilstein said...

You are welcome. I am sorry for your loss, he was a tremendous man. Glad I had a forum to share. Take care.