Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tough Day

The news out about Zeledyne exiting the commercial business surely was depressing. It’s another sign of how rough things are out there that’s for sure. The toughest thing for me is the folks that have been with Zeledyne’s previous incarnates (Ford Glass, Visteon, ACH) have handled so much thrown at them with pure style and class don't get to see this though. The move to Zeledyne was to me supposed to be the pinnacle. No longer a semi forgotten business unit as a part of a gigantic group, this company was ready to thrive, but unfortunately that black cloud of the economy beat them to it. Those folks, led by Joe Staffileno will all end up somewhere good I’m sure. Just too much talent to go away from our industry. In any case thoughts go out to everyone there affected by this.


-- Now the stark reality of it (and we don’t need an analyst to opine on this incoherently for 10 paragraphs) is that a price increase is surely coming from the primary guys. They weren’t making money (domestically) before, and now with one less competitor it’s only realistic to see prices rise.

-- Meanwhile the industry continues to battle on the ASHRAE front. Despite an incredible and unprecedented united showing, our side still fell short at the recent hearings. There’s detailed info on line on what happened but the positive takeaways are that the industry is united and fighting for something good and one day that will pay dividends. It may not save this issue but it will hopefully save us from more punitive attacks down the line.

-- Funny how many e mails I am getting from Saints fans begging me to pick the Colts in the Super Bowl… (they know I am the “Mush”) well whether it’s good or bad news for you, I love the Colts in the big game… Peyton Manning is just too good… Colts will win big.

-- By the way my heart goes out to my Minnesota friends. It really sucks...but hopefully the nucleaus will bring them to the big game next year. At least you won't be like my favorite baseball team- the Pirates and be out of it for 17 years and counting- I am sure of that.

-- The effort by our world to help in Haiti is incredible. But does it not make you wonder how the massive amounts of money will be spent? I mean we are talking millions upon millions are being raised… I just hope that it all goes to the good of trying to take care of and rebuild that country. I guess I watch too many CNBC documentaries about people getting ripped off that makes me worry that the money won’t get used as the donators intended.

-- A couple more Zeledyne thoughts… they just recently brought back the living legend Lowell Rager. And now he’ll be on the sidelines again… what a tremendously good man… Zeledyne should’ve dusted off the best name of a glass product ever… “Jade Ice”… that coulda been a game changer…

-- Great letters to the editor after the NYT story on domestic glass making…. Was it me or did the original article seem to just end way to early… you know like there was a lot more to discuss?

-- Last, I am baffled by the fascination by the media with Karen Davidson’s decisions to sell parts of her empire. You know it’s like everyone wants to find some sort of smoking gun. I just don’t get it, corporations and people of her stature buy and sell all the time, with less coverage. I also wonder if her husband was still alive, would be people be questioning his intentions? Just no clue why people are jumping on this one at all as it seems completely in the norm without a red flag anywhere in sight.

Off to the Links…

Link Chick is still plugging away, bringing the best of the internet to the thousands of you who click this page weekly…

-- Great story here in the New York Times about how people are still using very simple passwords on line… check it out… and if your password is 12345, time to change it.

-- Evidently scientists had an idea in 2008 that an Earthquake would hit Haiti… but even with that knowledge how do you prepare for it?

-- According to this study, an average NFL game only brings about 11 minutes of real “action”… That is amazing to me… I guess that’s why the remote and the Sunday Ticket is such a must for the true football fan…

Video of the Week:

Cops in Indy at the Colts-Jets game act to me very hastily in arresting a Jet fan… the language is not safe for work as the officer comes out of his car hurling the “F” word and bam handcuffs and eventually tasers come out. A little extreme if you ask me…

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