Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Retro

Had an interesting conversation with a fellow industry member this week. We talked about the fact that our industry and world would be better served if we could get the codes to focus on the huge retrofit market instead of trying to limit and hightail us on new projects. Basically upgrading the millions of existing structures with old technology… the irony here is that we live in such a disposable society anymore. If your microwave breaks, you toss and buy a new one. But if you are in a 25 year old building that has drafts that could chill a room, you put on a sweater. (or break out the Snugglie!) The point is that Washington and the code folks are missing the ball yet again and the focus should be on improvements to existing structures. Heck with the amount of extra inventory building wise out there, that could be all the business that’s left!


-- I have to come clean… those 4 incredible years as BEC Chair… where the conference grew and grew and grew? Well the fact is that I did not do it the right way… I was on steroids… yep it’s true… I’ll be doing exclusive interviews all week…. (Sorry had to mock Mark McGwire there)

-- Speaking of BEC, on my swing through the great state of Texas last week I talked to many folks about the event and hopefully they will give it a shot. I heard the statement “I hear it’s great, just never could pull it off” a few times. Well if you are on the fence, hop on off… it’s worth it.

-- Rest in Peace Joe Kellman.

-- Speaking of the truly legendary Mr. Kellman, it brings me back to the idea that we really need to fire up the Glass Hall of Fame again. I don’t think you need a big ole banquet but I think a virtual honoring would at least be good- maybe a glowing profile in a magazine too. The point is there are many folks still out there that deserve the honor and should be recognized for their incredible efforts in this industry.

-- Snow in Orlando and freezing temps in Florida for the last 10 days plus…. Pretty crazy huh? Get ready for orange juice that you may have to take a mortgage out on… that is if the banks even do mortgages anymore.

-- Funny after a big time hyping all over (me included) BIM had disappeared for a while off the front pages of the news… now in the last week or so it came back with some stories… wonder if this wave will be the one that sticks and moves that technology forward or will we watch it drop below the surface once again.

-- Creative business card? Last week saw an architectural firm and their business cards had their pictures on the back. Finally a great way to keep the face with the name. Really nice when you’re talking to 7 or 8 people and trying to remember afterwards who said what. And with that may be the first compliment I’ve given an architect in a while… wow turning over a new leaf! (Seriously the folks I saw last week were amazing, they could heal my frustration with their entire sector!)

Off to the Links!

Some link chick and some from me… now since she’s linking “for two” I have to be patient…

-- Scary yet interesting article on the “Disposable Worker” trend that’s hitting our country right now. Yeesh.

-- Riding the baggage belt at the airport looks like fun… and this toddler did it!

-- I have jury duty coming up… wonder if they’ll be a cat on the panel with me… like this feline called to duty in Boston.

Book of the Week:

Thanks to my Mom and Sister (mom’s idea, sister pulled the trigger) I got a Kindle E reader for the holidays. It’s awesome and weird at the same time reading a book on a tablet like machine. But its been great. First book I read was very good too… it’s the inside story of the world of Off Shore betting parlors called “Bets, Drugs and Rock n Roll” by Steve Budin. The language is crass in parts but the book is very interesting especially if you’ve laid down a bet with a bookie or on line before. Amazing how gigantic that business is too!

Video of the Week:

IT’S BACK!! Yes this weekend hour number 8 of 24… time to rejoice as Jack Bauer will be back in our lives again!!! Here’s the preview of the show… I CAN NOT WAIT….

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Anonymous said...

The “Disposable Worker” is happening everywhere and it is the new wave thank's to the current administration and governing officials in Washington.