Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Something that makes no sense

How does this work? While we are watching the economy take a beating, watching unemployment rise, watching our gas prices careen towards $3 per gallon (on its way to 4 by July 4th) and just watching an overall malaise in the business climate, somehow the stock market is doing great! And not only great now but a recent article states that the stock market is headed towards the 14,000 mark… This to me is a massive mystery. How can the stock market do well and everything else around it does badly? What am I missing here? In any case maybe the markets will lift the rest of down areas or maybe this is just a mirage. I guess time will tell…


-- Greg Carney continues to battle, and he is being moved to a hospital in New Orleans. Again all thoughts and prayers are still the call. Can’t wait to get Greg back at it and hopefully his health will continue to progress.

-- Last week the NFRC sent out their newsletter and announced they found yet another sucker….errr sponsor for their meeting. Hunter Douglas will throw money away at the upcoming meeting. Not sure what their angle is (because usually there is an angle!) but I am sure someone knows and will tell me. Otherwise all Hunter Douglas customers should absolutely demand a price break because if they are so rich to sponsor a technical meeting then they have money to blow. What a freakin joke. Maybe Marc LaFrance needs new window coverings so they can pick him up as a customer!

-- Speaking of jokes… let me clarify one item on my issue with the 30/30 sham. I have no issues with creating a standard, for people to hit to get a rebate. My rants are not meant to make the rebates for “everyone” like I have been accused. The issue is the 30/30 makes no real sense nationwide and intelligent, logical people know that. A program that truly met the needs of the regions would’ve added value for the “stakeholder” but this thing as constituted does not.

-- By the way I saw on DWM that Philips Products may be going out of business. If that’s true, that is sad as that was a good old line window company. I thought the 30/30 “saved” everyone because how great it was. Guess not.

-- The Wings are owning the Pens, but as I write this its 2-2 in game 3…(listening to the awesome Mike Lange on play by play) but still I have a feeling my pal Scott Surma will be getting a big bag of M&M’s since his Wings will probably prevail. Dang.

-- Congrats to the folks at Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket for achieving ISO 9001-2008. Good company, class people that deserve some props. And while there are some companies that just must have publicity to assuage their egos, it’s refreshing that USGNN gave some space to the Frank Lowe achievement.

To the LINKS….

-- Thanks to blog reader W. Cash for this AWESOME article on the price of doing business with China. I am actually shocked I did not get this from Bob Lang because he’s usually all over it. Anyway, click HERE for a great read on how doing business with China could save you money in the short term but ruin you long term.

-- Yet another person calls 911 when McDonald’s screws up an order. Do people not learn in grade school what 911 is for? Unreal.

The “Link Chick” checked in with a couple of good ones…

-- In August Archie, from the “Archie” comic strip will finally pick his chick- either Betty or Veronica… man tough call.. if it’s me, I go with Betty…

-- Very odd story in France… they are letting some prisoners to go cycling… hmmmm

-- A code so tough that even the CIA can’t crack it… and no it’s not the rules and prices of the NFRC CMA program… (though I doubt the CIA could crack or actually believe it either)

Video of the week

I love tennis and love the French Open… but the controversy this week was a teenager that was making some serious grunting noise when she connected. Turn the volume on and listen to this and imagine being on the other side of the net… you’d need ear plugs! (She comes on first for a few seconds and explains herself and then they show the highlites.. wow)

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