Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Promotion

Every day the world of “green” continues to gain influence. It is not only a buzz word but according to many, it is the way we all survive what the future holds and in some cases will make a difference in your career. Today I came across a release from YKK that stated you would need to have the LEED AP accreditation to be eligible for a promotion. It’s a very interesting angle that’s for sure but is it right? The reason I ask is you have some amazingly talented people who never got their LEED AP but know the system better than most. And then you have others who just geared up to take and pass the test but wouldn’t know a green building compared to a blue one. And as for that test, those that have taken it will tell you it’s one of the most insane processes ever. Anyway props to YKK for advancing the green push… I'll be curious to see if it has any appreciable effect.


Sorry that this will be a very short post. Way too much going on out there that takes precedence…. next week should return to normal... or whatever normal is in my odd world.

-- A MUST read… GANA talks about the Climate Change Legislation and the industry. CLICK HERE. Seriously important to at least view and get a flavor. And by the way guys like Warren Buffett- who is a lot smarter than me, feel like this legislation- as it is written now- is very bad.

-- Saw a very interesting story from the New York Times that several people sent me. Basically the gist is that the solar world is now getting introduced to labor unions. And the unions want their piece. Click here to read.

Off to the links..

The awesome “link chick” was after it again this week…

-- Great story on a woman who was married 68 years that loses her wedding ring (the original) but it gets found and returned by a guy with a metal detector.

-- 80 year old guys playing ice hockey. These guys are awesome. At 80 I hope that I can watch hockey let alone play.

-- And since we are on the track of seniors and their exploits, let’s finish with an 80 year old woman who chases down a purse snatcher on her bike. She must be related to Lance Armstrong.

Video of the week:

Incredible bicycle tricks… sent in by good friend Pat Pickrell. Pat just actually retired making him a hero of mine. (Though he was a hero even before he retired…) So I am guessing with all of his free time he’ll be working on bike tricks too. Thanks Pat!

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