Saturday, March 14, 2009

A very sad night


Sad news... According the several media reports, William Davidson, owner of Guardian Industries has passed away at the age of 85. (or 86 depending on the media source- I've seen both tonight)

Truly a monumental loss in so many ways- and not only in the glass industry. He was also a very charitable person who donated millions to many efforts around the globe. In addition he was the owner of the Detroit Pistons and Palace of Auburn Hills.

But for most that read this blog, his efforts from the glass side is all that counts and his legend and accomplishments will never be matched.

Just tough news to swallow overall. My condolences and thoughts go out to his family and all of the folks at Guardian. He was admired like you would not believe there and I really feel for all of those folks and their loss.

More info on this is forthcoming I am sure and I expect USGNN to have plenty of info when the week starts.

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