Monday, March 02, 2009

Better than Tylenol PM

My gosh judging from the NFRC blog site, the start of the meetings got off to a booooooring start. I mean if the quick synopsis of the meetings are boring can you imagine how bad it has to be there in person?

Ahhhh but then again not many people ARE THERE in person... yes 100 people attended but then you take away the 11 NFRC staff members, the lawyer, the 6 figure PR guy, the board members and BAM you probably have like 10 attendees... CONGRATS!

Among those NOT listed on the pre registration was Nelson Pena... he of the California Energy Commission (CEC). Maybe he'll show up later or maybe the state finally is realizing that its wasted way too much money over the years...

And speaking of California... you have to love the pathetic shenanigans of the NFRC when it comes to the Admiral Tony Rygg. He is listed as an "Independent Consultant" on the letterhead but everywhere else he is CEC. They do that because any normal logical person would be outraged that a board like this would have 2 people from the same group on it... then again did at matter, at one time Cardinal had 3 people- but at least they used different names.

I wonder if everyone there still has to run their ideas by Jeff Baker? Comical that guy has so much power and sway...

AH and they found a SUCKER... yes some group called the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association is now a sponsor! Well I have a word for that groups 326 members... TIME TO AUDIT! Obviously this group has way too much money. And really what will they get out of this? Somethings just baffle the mind. But here's me betting that someone at this Awning group is related to someone connected at NFRC... and they owe a favor... because there is no way this makes sense otherwise.

Last Joe Hayden did his annual "Tell me what we can do for you but we'll only listen and promote the stuff that makes sense for us" plea. Remember the meeting last November where Hayden asked the same (wow way to be creative! that must an idea from the 6 figure PR firm!) and the first thing written on the board was:


Oh I am sure they took that one serious... yeah sure.

Well we will see if anything else comes out of it. I do enjoy following the meeting via their blog since it saves money and valuable time (for which they could care less about) However the best part is after I watch a spine tingling episode of 24 tonight, I saved the review of the keynote speech to read before bed... that baby will knock me out cold!

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Awnings are up for a very large request for funds in the research and technology committe.