Monday, November 03, 2008

What a surprise... NOT

Well the election results are out for NFRC.... amazingly every "pro" NFRC person won! Wow.. I guess the upset of Alecia Ward last year was an aberration. You know this stuff is actually getting so pathetic that even I may tire of it... nah... why let them get away with it!

Seriously though lets look at it...

Jim Larsen from Cardinal is back on the board... yep the more things change the more they stay the same. If the NFRC was running the Presidential Election tomorrow they'd somehow find away to re elect George W Bush.

The amazing part for me was somehow the Admiral Tony Rygg won a seat. Here's how this is amazing..
-- Last year he had the lowest vote total of anyone when he ran unopposed.
-- He was running against 2 totally professional people- one of whom, Roland Temple, would've been a massive step up for this organization.
-- He is listed as an "independent consultant" for election purposes but in all the registration material and basically forever he is a part of the California Energy Commission.

Why does that last point matter? Well Rygg's little buddy Nelson Pena also has a board spot- in essence giving California 2 voting spots... I guess that's not illegal in the NFRC world since at one time I think Cardinal had 2 or 3 people wrapped up.

But it is amazing that all of a sudden he gets propped up to run for that spot and he wins.

It figures California should have the power since after all they are the Guinea pig for the maiden Titanic voyage. Hopefully they have seasick bags left from that great Site Built success!

Am I questioning the election? Sure I am. I wouldn't trust the NFRC as far as I could throw em. Please independent voting group aside, the whole thing smells.. including the amazing last minute turnout... Is ACORN signing up NFRC voters too?

Anyway more of the same... more ignorance and arrogance towards the commercial industry but continued cluelessness will be the downfall... as someone told me over the weekend- its like they DON'T want a program that works...

Last I do follow the NFRC blog- I still get a kick out of the fact that this medium that Marcia Falke cooly dismissed in Arizona a year ago is so big for them now. Anyway its a kick trying to follow their spin.

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