Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beware cutting the middle

A hot subject on the USGNN message board has been the whole fabricator selling direct to the contractor issue. The whole concept of selling direct- whether it’s that scenario or the manufacturer selling direct to the glazier is one that truly rankles and upsets many people. In the industry there’s a natural order of things that actually makes sense and is amazingly efficient. Turning on that would cause chaos, and that’s why everyone is so protective. However, sadly, with an economy that looks very shaky, situations like this could happen more and more. I know that folks in Las Vegas are furious that this situation has happened between a fabricator and contractor and I really believe that grew from the fact it got slow out there. So once it slows up elsewhere, people trying to cut the steps will probably be more prevalent. Keep in mind though it’s the classic “cutting your nose to spite your face” maneuver. It may work in the short term but will destroy in the long term.


-- Can the economic news just get a little more depressing? Yeesh.

-- On the whole bailout brigade… I suffer on that… being in Michigan I have been witness to the Big 3 squandering the good times, being enormously fat and really turning its back on technology and trends while the Japanese at their lunch. However the trickle effect of the Big 3 failing would be beyond belief as there’s so many businesses connected both directly and indirectly to them. Overall I think any support or money given must come with serious restrictions and oversight. Amazing since everyone knows how much I LOVE oversight!

-- Saw that Steve Rosenstock quit the Board of NFRC. He will be best known for his epic upset of Alecia Ward in last year’s election. The NFRC named Roland Temple to replace him, which is a good move (a rare NFRC compliment!) and hopefully will add some logic to a Board that completely lacks it.

-- The mail flew in this week at every level. Man it is exciting how many people are reading and communicating… some insights…

---- On the removal of “Say No to China” and the appearance of the support the US/Canada button on the top right of the page… It was time to be positive and I think that needs to be the message going forward. With a rough time ahead, supporting our brothers in the US and Canada is crucial. The work needs to stay here and hopefully people grasp that.

---- On my hammering of the DOE’s Marc LaFrance. The concern was that he may try and “get back” at the commercial industry. My reply has been, how can he treat us worse? Unless Garrett Stone tells him to treat us better, he’ll keep following that lead. Regardless the guy should be more furious at the NFRC than me… all I do is point out that he is ignored… they are the ones actually IGNORING him.

---- On the NFRC as a whole. Most people are just so fed up. But more than that people are freaked out by the costs and time involved. Best thing possible folks… when you bid and you have an NFRC requirement make sure that cost is a separate line item on your quote (or no quote that portion like several aluminum Mfg’s are doing out west) This way the contractor will see how much more cash this amazingly inept police action will cost.

To the LINKS!

-- This link was actually sent to me by SEVERAL people… thank you.. an amazing story of uselessness. If an Airline screws up and you are stuck on the runway for hours and hours… the airline is NOT required to help you… insane…

-- People taking college football way too seriously… leading to a double murder… thanks to W. Cash for the link! I love the Steelers as an example but there is no way I love them this much…

-- The “Link Chick” sent this one to me… imagine being 7 feet tall… then imagine being that tall at 12 years old! Yes this kid is… wow.

Video of the week:

Well when I talked about “restrictions” on the bailouts… how about starting with AIG… they once again were out spending cash on a junket… great investigative story from a Phoenix TV station. Simply amazing wastes of money!


Mr. Hooker said...

"A hot subject on the USGNN message board has been the whole fabricator selling direct to the contractor issue."

How many posts make it a "hot topic"? There were 3.

Max Perilstein said...

Only one post makes it a hot topic...

MINE... ha ha ha

Seriously though- while only 3 comments were posted on line, I can tell you its a pretty big discussion out in the marketplace.

Thanks for reading and the post!