Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Color me STUNNED

My normal post will come later in the week, but I could not pass this up. The NGA, National Glass Association has weighed in on the NFRC issue with a scathing letter.

You can read the lettter HERE. It was well written and brings up some interesting points.

Welcome to the party guys.... its a nice first step, and hopefully its not the last. This letter will not even make a dent in the NFRC machine, they'll respond to it breaking out all of their famous lines about "protecting the public stakeholder" and "California's demanded it" and "Its Green" and "we're a 501c3" and "our mandate from congress" and "ISO is gonna do it" so on.

A nice second step would be to send a letter to the DOE and educate them and let them know of your opinion. Plus joining the NFRC (so you can vote) and attending the meetings works too.

((At this point I know you'll say, if they are against it, why join? Well to truly affect change it has to happen from within. As much as I dog NFRC, they are not a fly by night organization. They are connected at the DOE. And the DOE and others will always say "did you go to the meetings? did you vote?" when they discuss the issues with you- plus the NFRC WILL develop a program, like it or not, so you may as well try as hard as you can to make it simple and realistic))

Anyway, while I do not see this as stopping the current effort by NFRC, it is promising that NGA has finally weighed in and I can only hope that they will follow through and truly make this a priority to protect their membership.

Wow, last week the NGA is on TV talking about glass and now this... I am really stunned.

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