Sunday, December 03, 2017

Remembering Frank and Jack

The glass and glazing industry lost two amazing people last week with the passing of Frank Dlubak and Jack Hoisington.  Both men made significant impacts in the markets they played in and will be missed greatly.  Frank Dlubak was a remarkable inventor and founder of Dlubak Corporation.  Some including myself thought of Frank as a mad scientist (In a good way!) He was always coming up with a new product or machine that could change the way the market worked.  My first visit with Frank was many years ago and he showed off a new addition to one of his tempering ovens, it was all home made, all invented and developed solely by Frank.  It was jawdropping and I was speechless.  But pretty much you felt that awe after every conversation with Frank because he had this amazing energy about him. 
Jack Hoisington was a Michigan glass and glazing leader for many years as the owner of Madison Heights Glass.  He was also probably one of the overall nicest people this industry has ever seen.  He was extremely friendly and positive as well hard working and ethical.   He was a guy that the glass and glazing industry can point to as an excellent example of class.  Frank and Jack were guys who always left a positive impression on you because they allowed you to have a conversation and you learned after every interaction with them.   The passing of these two incredible men leaves a massive hole in our world and hearts.  My sincerest condolences to family and friends of Frank and Jack…


--  The latest issue of Glass Magazine is out- this one is dedicated to the Top Metal companies in the industry so several pages are focused on that area including some interesting insight on the challenges that some of these companies faced in 2017. Plus I loved the coverage my pal Tom O’Malley (Clover Architectural Products) got with a full-page shot of the Cummins Building in Indianapolis.  I know Tom has always been extremely proud of his company’s contribution to that structure, so it was great to see it recognized.  Obviously I advise reading this (and every issue) cover to cover, but I want to also point out that there’s some interesting content on the Buy America Act, codes on glass wall systems, and an excellent piece by Carl Tomkins of Sika about doing things differently. 

--  The ad of the month goes to the gang from TGP.  The layout of the ad caught my eye with a bold, smart headline and then just enough text to carry the message all the way home.  Tremendous work and props to the team at TGP on a job well done!

--  Last week I asked about the building used on the TV show- “The Good Doctor” and thank you to all who replied with the info.  (One was my friend, the great Steve O’Hollaren of National Glass- very cool to communicate with “SteveO” again.) So what we know now… this is a real building and it is in Surrey, BC.  So I’d love to know who fabricated and installed the glass.  Tons of tremendous companies in that part of the world, so I am not even going to guess. 

--  Did you see that one of the soccer stadiums in Qatar beingbuilt for the World Cup will be demountable?  All of it.  We as an industry are now used to demountable interior office systems… but an entire building or stadium?  Wow.

Last this week, a story to follow and one that has a lot of moving parts and pieces but does have a glass related connection.  In Philadelphia there’s a move a foot to get rid of the all bullet resistant glass structures at convenience style stores.  I have been used to that set up my entire life (there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken we used to go to that was the first I can remember) so I’m very curious to see how this proceeds.


I gotta admit this is the first time I’m seeing a teacher busted for this…

This is a tough one- the world is changing and you have to be able to change with it- but she seems very needed and if she can properly treat the patients- nothing else should matter

Sometimes I’ll activate “Siri” when I say “Sorry” but thisstory is much better… wow


Lindsey Stirling is an amazing talent.  Violinist and dancer… I’m a big fan.   If you’ve never seen or heard of her, it’s worth checking out!  Here’s her latest to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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