Sunday, August 20, 2017

The GlassBuild Primer

With GlassBuild America only 3 weeks away I wanted to dedicate this weeks post to the show.  So this won’t be my typical posting… we’ll return to normal next week. 
In any case with regards to GlassBuild this is usually the time that many make their final decision on whether or not to attend.  I know mostly everyone is very busy, but if you want to improve yourself and your business, you will make the call to be in Atlanta on September 12th to the 14th.  Here are few reasons why…

Overall Education:
This is a one-stop wonderland for everything you want to know with regards to product, equipment, services and more.    Below I will break out a few channels where you can gain critical knowledge and insights. There is something for everyone no matter what end of the business you are in.

Glazing Executive Forum:
The collaboration here is incredible.  For a glazier this is invaluable.  Also the economic forecast and the state of the industry pieces are very helpful.  Plus a special 25 years of Top 50 Glazier survey review will be quite interesting.

Express Learning:
These 20-minute sessions are perfect for quick on the go information and with every speaker easily accessible you can always reach out for more later.  There are great topics and speakers scheduled and I’m looking forward to sessions hosted by CR Laurence, Quanex, YKK and GED.  Also I am humbled and honored to have a spot speaking on Thursday, a dream come true for me to speak at the show!

Cam Marston:
Keynote speaker open to all attendees.  Those who saw him in the past raved about the lessons he brought.  Well worth your time.   His talk on the multi-generational work place is something that is fresh and important to grasp and understand. 

Packed floor with also a large attendee based expected means tons of potential connections all in one place.  It is simply the best opportunity to meet suppliers and customers and get to know potential targets on both.

In Booth Demonstrations: 
This is something that you get by walking the floor.  There’s always demonstrations happening and you learn as you go.  I know the team from Bohle America will have a ton happening and newcomers to the show like Glass Renu promise to impress with hands on demonstrations that will surely give you ideas and angles for your business.

Last but not least there’s the machinery angle.  Every player in our world will be represented and they all come with their best foot forward.  GlassBuild unfairly gets a rap that it’s more of a machinery show than anything else.  But that’s not exactly the case.  The reason people think that is the machinery guys come with amazing exhibits and machines tuned up and working.  Its eye catching and impressive.  I fully expect those booths to be very busy because right now it seems like every one is looking to replace and/or expand what they have.  This includes glazing installation equipment all the way to fabrication machinery.  It’s all there….

In the end I know you are busy.  Every one is for the most part.  And the thought of spending a day or two out of the office is frightening.  But this event brings the best of the best out in our industry and supplies you with the information and networking that makes you better.  I believe that is surely worth your time! 

If you have any questions or need more insight on the show, please reach out to me… I am always glad to help!

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