Sunday, July 16, 2017

It Takes Two to Get It Done

Last week on Katy Devlin had an excellent blog post on our industry and breakthrough innovations.  If you have not had time to read it yet, please go and check it out.  My take on this is two fold.  There is absolutely no doubt that we as an industry are mired in a glacial like pace when it comes to innovation and change.  There is an absolute fear of disruption and match that with a lot of companies that prefer a more conservative route and you have the incrementalism that Katy covers in her piece.  The other issue is the many companies that ARE working on change and processes that could truly push our world forward are doing so in a bubble.  They are doing it without any true industry insights and thoughts and so they end up drifting blindly into our space and then find it to be unwelcoming and uninterested.   So in my mind the key is both sides need to give… the industry MUST be open to trying new things, pushing new approaches etc.  These developers and inventors need to engage the industry earlier in the process to get true and real insights so they can prepare for the potential objections and work over them.  So if you are one of the hundred of companies incubating change for our world- reach out!  Don’t wait.  Do it earlier in the process than later.  And from an industry standpoint if one of these folks reach out to you- take them seriously, engage with them, work to see where it can come into play.  Be willing to disrupt for the good and for the growth.   Let’s do this….


--  The GANA Fall Conference schedule is out and it is different than its predecessors.  With GANA Fall now integrated into GlassBuild America changes were made and the result was a smart, streamlined conference that allows work to be done and networking achieved while doing it in an efficient manner that truly serves the stakeholder.  Have you registered yet?  Do it today. 

--  Kudos to Rob Struble and the team at Vitro on the launch of their Inspirescapes Blog. This is really a nice resource to have and constantly visit.  It’s a good mix of promotional and informational.  I especially liked the piece on full sized mock ups.  Good work folks!

--  What is everyone’s take on the WELL Building Standard™?  As most readers of this blog know I am not a fan of LEED.  Is WELL a better option?  Does it do more for the environment?  Is it a better program that has potential for more acceptance?  Or does this end up with many other “green” rating systems that tried and ended up being footnotes thanks to massive shadow of LEED?

--  Last this week…  It looks like our friends in Kansas City are going to get a new airport terminal.  As anyone who has flown through KCI can attest, it really was not a terminal set up for the rigors of post 9/11 security and when flight delays happened, you were really in trouble.  So its good to see this happening for that- plus we all know tons of glass and aluminum get used on these projects, so that’s cool too.  The thing to watch is what Architecture firm wins the bid- some serious powerhouses involved in the process… I’m excited to see it all play out!


Wild story on a man trapped in an ATM machine.

Tennis is a fascinating sport; you don’t have to be a certain height to be successful.  Thisstory and picture shows it….


My guy Dustin Anderson was at it again breaking glass… this time with recently retired NFL star Justin Forsett.  Great stuff as always!!

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