Sunday, May 14, 2017

Catching up on shows, education and more

So after only commenting on two main items on my previous post this week I have a bunch of quick subjects to talk about.  Time continues to fly as we are already in the middle of May.  Unbelievable.

First off a lot of show and conference related news and insights…

--  I am excited about being in Waco, Texas this week to speak at the Texas Glass Association (TGA) Glass Conference.  To be on the slate with the people I am (Nicole Harris, President of NGA, the legend Greg Oehlers of Tri Star, David Linhart from Vitro, and Yuwadee Senamontree of Guardian) is quite the honor.  This really will be an excellent opportunity for attendees (and me as well) to learn about what’s going on in our world on several different levels.  Plus I love the great state of Texas and have never had a bad time there. 

--  Another conference that is coming up that I unfortunately can’t attend, but if you are nearby or interested in growing your knowledge on some important glass and glazing subjects is the annual Glass Connections Conference- this year held in Burnaby, BC.  The educational slate is very strong with dives into some of the biggest issues and growing trends our industry has going.  One such subject is Bird Friendly Glass and I’ve mentioned here a few times the great work people like Walker Glass do on that end, so getting more insight out in conferences like this is huge.  More info can be found HERE.

--  And of course coming this fall the always must attend Glazing Executive Forum at GlassBuild America.  More on that as the weeks go by but this past week the agenda for that event was released and worth the review.  The “Solution Sessions” are the huge key given the subjects they cover and what you can learn and take back to your day-to-day operation. 

--  Finally on this subject… a conference/meeting that was just completed that really impressed me.  The Insulated Glass Certification Council (IGCC) had their meeting and it was the first one I have ever attended in all my years despite always being involved with operations with all units IGCC certified.  The meeting was very impressive.  Incredible technical minds in the room with discussions that were more innovative and forward thinking than what I see from the traditional technical meeting.  It was a breath of fresh air really to experience what was happening there seeing that this group is working into the future.  And kudos to my pal Joe Erb of Quanex- he basically ran a major portion of the meeting as the chair and he was like a great orchestra maestro with keeping everything going from all angles of the room.  Good stuff!

Other items to catch up on…

--  If you are in the retail part of the glass business you know the Angie’s List and Home Advisor names pretty well.  Chances are they’ve called you a hundred times to work with them and you surely see their ads.  Now the two will be merging (so less salespeople bugging you) and it will be interesting to see how the new entity works.  I was not a big fan of Angie’s List.  I always said if there was an “Angie’s List” to review the real Angie’s List they’d get a poor one.   We’ll see if combining services will move the needle at all in the very challenging world of catching consumer eyeballs.

--  I was very happy to hear my long time friend and former co-worker Dave Gillikin landed a new gig at Advanced Glazing.  Great hire for them and I think a super spot for Dave.  Dave is among the handful of people who has known me basically from when I started in this world and actually will still talk to me on occasion.  Ha Ha.  Congrats to Dave and Advanced Glazing- good combo!

--  Last this week… I try to always point out other blogs and the value they bring to you.  If you missed Andrew Chatfield’s entry last week on Glassblog, please go back and check it out.  An excellent code compliance piece with focus on railing installations. Railings are one of those “hot” items that I see out there and the confusion on glass usage is real.  Andrew did a nice job in breaking it all down. 


As noted above- I love Texas but there better not be a squirrel in my toilet.

This is surely a new way to send drugs- by greeting card.

I love dogs.  Love good stories too.  So this has both! 


The hot item for kids these days are “Fidget Spinners” – I have no clue what they are but evidently tons of kids have them and their being banned from schools.  Anyway- this funny video shows adults reacting to this new fad….

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