Sunday, November 06, 2016

Deals and Outlooks

The major news from the past week was the deal between JE Berkowitz and Consolidated Glass Holdings.  This was one of the major rumors that were circulating at GlassBuild so it came to fruition.  It’s a great deal for Consolidated with the very high profile of Berkowitz and their long track record of success.  This is a game changer for them.  Plus I am sure it was a great deal for Arthur Berkowitz and his family, as I can’t imagine he’d agree anything less than the best.  And as for those other rumors?  I think a few are very real and will be happening in the near future, so hold on tight, there’s a lot more to go.


--  So last week I mentioned the Dodge Outlook results and I have had some time to dig through those results as well as some other points of information out there.  Here are some tidbits…

      Residential growth is positive- single family housing especially is ticking up 7% in 2016 and 9% is forecast for 2017.  In fact residential had its best year since 2005.  Why that matters is when residential starts to tumble, that’s when the warning signs start to show up on the commercial side.  So far, the coast is clear.
      Surprisingly non-residential building did have an off year in 2016- not sure we felt it in the industry given where we are in the chain and also the previous bounce backs carrying on from the past years.  On this one there are many industry folks who believe we run a good couple of years behind this metric… So potentially this could mean we’ll have some weak spots in 2017, but the forecast going forward is strong- expected up 6% with spending up 8%.  So if we dip, it may not be sustained.
       Last the most positive data point for our world?  A look back.  When reviewed the amount of infrastructure projects started in 2015 were more than any time in history- and the analysis says it will generate spending through 2017 and deep into 2018. 

Obviously these are forecasts and they can and do change- and that certain election in the US will have an effect- just no clue on what that effect will be!

--  Just a heads up for those of you who deal with submittals for LEED.  Note that the LEED v4 is now in effect.  No new jobs can registered under the previous standard of LEED 2009.  If the jobs have already been registered, but not started, they can proceed and finish with that previous standard.  So you’ll still see it- otherwise get yourself familiar with LEED v4 its now here to stay.  A really good resource online is Guardian’s.  They do a nice job of explaining the two standards, the changeover and then details.  Good stuff.

--  Speaking of good stuff.. great blog post from Pete DeGorter last week.  Love that he took the time to do it and document with pictures.  Nice work there.

--  Ever wonder how the mega sky scraper is built?  Really well done and informative piece here.  I just love the thought process that goes into it. 

--  It’s that time of year again to have our Industry MVP award.  Once again lots of great candidates out there.  So this will not be an easy choice that is for sure.  As always I am open to suggestions so send them my way.  What makes the MVP? Someone who works hard for the industry, communicates well, is involved at the trade level, and is always looking to advance our cause.  That could be on the technical, education, or innovation side.  So who will join Tracy Rogers and Jon Kimberlain as past winners?  I’ll be listing the runners up on my post week of 12/11 with the winner honored the week of 12/18 on my last blog 2016.

--  Last this week… in the US it’s Veterans Day this Friday.  Please take a moment to appreciate what the women and men of the military have done (and still do daily) to protect our way of life.  They are the true heroes.  Thank you.


--  The Internet of Things is HOT… and also can be Hacked…yikes.

--  Seriously is there anything better than unexpected acts of kindness?

--  I never expected to be enthralled by a story on Beavers and dams.  Yet here I am.  Interesting!


Fuller House is coming back to NetFlix.  I really enjoyed the reboot, fun and light…. And thus here’s the trailer…

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