Sunday, September 11, 2016

Industry Always Stepping Up

Many times in the past 11 years I have hammered in this space on the lack of respect our industry sometimes gets.  And while some of that disrespect may be warranted most of it is not. As an industry we do a very solid and admirable job of working with the code bodies, offering insight, and in the end producing products that meet and exceed all standards set.  And it’s an unending process too.  The groups that work for our industry, with tons of volunteers (and ALWAYS needing and WANTING more of those) keep setting the bar higher and higher.  Some examples?  I am excited about the upcoming launch of from the NGA.  That will be a huge and helpful educational tool that everyone can benefit from.  I am always into what IGMA has going on, when I read this week about their upcoming education conference I was excited because one of the main goals there is continuously improving long term performance of one of the crucial products we all produce and install.  I’ve covered what GANA has done and is doing many times here.  I’ve also noted my hopes and appreciation for the NACC and their angle to certify glazing contractors.  That can be something that really makes a difference when outsiders question our skills.  Add in the great work being done by AAMA, AEC (more on them below), and others and you have to feel to good about the way we go about business.


--  So speaking of AEC- this incredible story included dogged work by that group in chasing down an aluminum stockpile in the Mexican desert.  The fabulous twitter feed of John Wheaton (@JohnLWheaton1) led many others and me to it and it truly is a must read. 

--  Congrats to Mary Avery of Tubelite on her promotion to VP of Marketing.  Mary is off the charts talented and her work with Tubelite over the years has been smart, creative and effective.  Awesome to see her efforts recognized!  Plus I do usually love it when a marketing person gets the pat on the back… you know since it’s usually marketing’s fault for everything.  (Inside marketing joke….)

--  Next weekend I leave for Germany and glasstec- so next week’s post will be focused on that and what I hope to see and accomplish.  But the comical thing for me is I started to pull some clothes to pack and it hit me that I don’t think I have worn a coat and tie or suit since the 2014 glasstec.  Maybe once or twice but surely not often. 

--  Speaking of clothes but with an industry spin.  So I have 4 shirts- all same make and model- yet all fit completely different.  One is gigantic, one too small and so on.  Can you imagine if we as an industry did stuff like that?  I’d be thrilled if I could get shirt within the tolerances we allow for tempered…

--  Last this week- rare any more for me to look forward to a new show on broadcast TV, but I am.  “Designated Survivor” with my old pal Kiefer Sutherland of “24” fame is the star in the ABC drama.  The previews look fantastic… so I’m hopeful I’ll have new show to get lost in.


Pretty riveting oral history of 9/11 from the folks with the President as things unfolded.  Long read but very good.

An “interesting” diary of an employee’s first week at Target- personally I think its fiction.  Way too much going on here to be real.

I knew this about Gene Simmons because I read a great book on KISS a few years ago- but this article does a nice job on his abstinence from drugs and alcohol. 

I tweeted on this… love this Florida State football player and his approach to a young boy.  Class act all the way. 


If you have not seen this yet… check it out… it’s easily the smartest thing that has ever come out of Ohio State University…. Kid has a chance to get everyone a free 100% on first quiz of the year if he makes an impossible shot…. And guess what…

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