Sunday, June 19, 2016

Schools, Glass and the Future

One item I have hit on here in the past is improved/innovative design in schools.  It is something I believe in greatly, not only that we can provide necessary security but with the right usage of glass and glazing we also improve the learning atmosphere.  This week I got some company on my soapbox thanks to an excellent article that not only talked about what schools need to advance but also the demographic and economic market around building them.  It’s a worthwhile read.  Let’s be real here, a lot of our industry thrives thanks to school and institutional building, so a solid sector there is very good for all of us.  I personally though would like to see our products grow in emphasis there.  We can supply the security, energy, decorative and functional products that the educational facilities in North America deserve. 


--  Speaking of great reads… once again the latest issue of Glass Magazine did not disappoint.  And props to the creative team there- just a wonderful and slick layout. I love how pictures of great glass jobs can fill a page and there’s several in this issue.  The big story was the annual Top 50 Glazier list (mentioned last week) but the series on exits planning continues to be a must read.  Kudos to the class act that is the DeGorter family as they were profiled in the issue- good people, nice to see them covered!

--  PPG gets thumbs up here too- as they were my ad of the month in the aforementioned Glass Magazine.  They nailed the text bringing out the image piece with their spot.  Creative and well done!

--  I talk about where social media can be a good tool for learning/resource and this week was no different with the coverage of the AAMA conference on their twitter feed at @AAMAInfo.  Even if you can’t follow in real time (I couldn’t) the beauty is going back to their feed after the fact and just going through it all.  Tons of info there.  Well done folks and great use of the medium!

--  The news of LinkedIn being bought by Microsoft was big this past week.  But the bizarre part for me came in an article from the New York Times that said one of the key drivers for Microsoft was the ability to be able to incorporate LinkedIn into the Microsoft Office products.  Now I can see Skype and Outlook being integrated somehow, but the article specifically mentioned Word.  Now that would be flat out bizarre.  I can see it now, writing a piece in word and a pop up comes up that says “Your LinkedIn Connection Joe Blow Is Also Working In Word”   or something like that.  That has potential to not be fun at all.

--  Last… many people noted that I did not mention the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup in last weeks post.  Normally I post on Sunday mornings, but many do not see this until Tuesday.  So the clinching game was not done when I posted.  I have to say I am amazed they won… and special kudos to my pal Joe Carlos of TriView who noted that I somehow planned it out by picking San Jose at the start of the playoffs, where my jinx would be timed perfectly when the two teams met in the finals…  believe me if I planned it, San Jose would’ve been out in round 1!  Anyway, I’m pretty thrilled still about the Pens….thanks everyone for the notes! 


Can this be a real story? Closing schools after 8th grade?

Is there a hotter ticket than “Hamilton” on Broadway?  Will the departure of one of its stars make a difference?
Since we mentioned the Stanley Cup- it’s been 5 years since the Vancouver riots and the famous “kissing couple” caught in a photo.  This article catches up with them.

Dogs.  I love them.  Wish any of our 3 were as smart as Buddy is here.  Cool setup!


Thomas Lee said...

As someone who bought tickets back in March for the July 16th performance of Hamilton, I am especially bitter about Miranda's choice of exit date!

Max Perilstein said...

Oh no! That's brutal! Well hope you enjoy still... can't wait to hear your review

Thomas Lee said...

As someone who bought tickets back in March for the July 16th performance of Hamilton, I am especially bitter about Miranda's choice of exit date! And the online resale market is 3-4 times more for pre-July 9th performances than afterwards (anywhere from $3k-$10k vs $1-$3k)