Sunday, May 01, 2016

Vegas Moves and Links Galore

Yearly one or two of the most important events in our industry are held in Las Vegas.  (Remember GlassBuild America- October- Vegas) Plus it’s important because so much of our product is used there and in a lot of cases, its higher end and more sophisticated materials.  So with that in mind I keep tabs on that city and this week I ran into news about discussions happening there to get a light rail system and expand the monorail. If either happens, it could make getting around the area easier and more efficient.  Especially the long promised light rail from the airport to the strip.  As someone who has waited in crazy cab lines at the airport, the ability to possibly cut that out would be very welcomed.  All of this is still in planning stages, but it bears watching.  These changes don’t have a direct effect on our industry but the more work that happens in Vegas, no matter the style, usually the better for us.


Lots of links with education and insight this week…

--  For those of you who have to use Google to advertise, the changes they recently made are a new challenge to getting the word out.  Good rundown over at Window and Door by Welton Hong here.  Also check out the poll- I am stunned at the results where half of the respondents do not use Google for advertising.  Why stunned?  Because the audience of that blog is made up of window folks and while many are manufacturers, many also are dealers- and if you are selling to the public and not in Google, you are missing out. 

--  While you are out reading different links, I suggest checking out the latest from John Wheaton. Really good piece on the back and forth that goes on in getting a customer.  All of us have been there- on one side or another- I enjoyed the way John wrote it, made me feel like a fly on the wall in the room as the conversations took place.

--  Speaking of blogs- when I first read this one from Ron Crowl, I e-mailed to tell him how much I liked it.  The takeaway is excellent and I am sure to share this with my kids as well- good life lesson.

--  I do enjoy PPG’s Glass Education Center.  Tremendous resource.  I was on the “Top Design Considerations” page and it was a great primer.  I especially love that they listed “Safety” as first.  That is so huge and something we all as an industry have to keep pounding on- in every aspect of the business.  Safety has to come first!  Anyway- great info overall throughout that site.

--  Last this week- fantastic read on the architectural design of Prince’s home and headquarters in Minnesota.  So not only was Prince a legend from an entertainment standpoint he also did some cutting edge things from an architectural angle.  Also I have to guess with so many great industry players in the state of Minnesota, someone reading this blog had to have worked on this project- if you did, let me know, would love to hear your experience.


--  Lawsuit to watch- social media that makes no sense causes a major injury. 

--  Amazing love of fishing- so much so he can do it from his living room.

--  Excellent article on disaster relief giving and how can sometimes go wrong… and what at least one person is doing to make it go right.


Hands down a wonderful commercial from Gatorade on Peyton Manning.  Wow.

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