Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wire Glass Back In the Spotlight

The issue of wire glass usage in safety areas in the United States was once a major story.  But over time codes changed, different products became more available, and just overall information on where and how to use traditional wire glass was abundant and respected.  I actually thought this was the case in Canada too, so I was taken aback when I saw the news coverage from the Canadian TV news show 16X9 showing some frightening issues from structures in Canadian schools using wire glass (full gigantic pieces no less) in dangerous areas.   It’s a pretty sobering piece and one I am sure has “the other side of the story” to it as well.  Regardless it’s frustrating that in some cases, according to the video, nothing is being done to improve the situation.

--  The Dodge Momentum Index went higher in January 2.4% overall.  Commercial was +1.6% and Institutional +3.3%.  So a nice start to the year for that index.  The latest ABI will be out end of next week.

--  Speaking of next week, the annual BEC event is in Las Vegas starting Sunday and running through midday Tuesday.  So my post next week will feature some flavor from the event and of course the who’s who from all that attended.  I’ll also do some live tweeting and I would expect you’d see great social coverage from @GlassMag as well.  So if you can’t attend, you’ll be up to speed no matter what.

--  One of my favorite contests ever is seeking nominations for its 2016 edition.  The Eastman Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ is back once again.  I love this contest and the amazing projects that get recognized.  For more information on submitting your project- click HERE.  Some day I will be a judge for a contest like this….

--  Did anyone else see this link that my friend Ted Bleecker tweeted out this week?  It’s pretty much the toughest look at glass usage in buildings you will ever read.  Wow. 

--  Question for those presenters out there… how many of you use the “Prezi” format for your powerpoint style presentations?  And do you like it?  Feel free to comment or just drop me a line.  My kids use it all the time and I have done a couple, but curious if it’s growing in our industry.

--  The Super Bowl was fun- happy for friends like Marty Richardson of Metropolitan Glass in Denver who saw their team win… and once again my online pick here went the opposite.  Sorry Panther fans.  The ads were just OK.  I was surely confused why Advil needed to take an ad out and somewhat frustrated by 3 different pharmaceutical ads.  That was 15 million+ right there.  No wonder our prescription costs are through the roof.  But anyway for creativity some winners in my book… T-Mobile was clutch using Steve Harvey in the same role of his disaster from Miss Universe and rap star Drake in a front running role.  Well done.  I loved the Doritos baby commercial though many online did not.  My winner though was the commercial for Avocados from Mexico.  Smart, funny, and creative.  The best visual and line too- with the line of “this was a form of torture in the 21st century” and showing people on a cramped airplane.  Perfect. 


--  Leo Messi- best soccer player in the world and also very cool guy.

--  I have written here about Martin Shkreli before but before you read the link, check out this PERFECT line from a Facebook commenter on him:

Behold, the Chosen One: capable of uniting Democrats and Republicans, Jews and Muslims, vegans and bacon, Star Wars and Star Trek, Xbox and PlayStation, iPhone and Android, dogs and mailmen--all under the banner of 'Screw that guy!'

 --  Sad story here and confusing too.  Odd mix or health and not health.


Could this be the best dunk ever in the NBA Dunk Contest?  Insane!!


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