Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 2016 Predictions

The new year is off and running so it’s time for me to take a jump into the deep end and present to you my fearless predictions for 2016!  This was a very difficult list to come up with as things are more fluid in our industry than ever and you have the frustrating stock market issues hanging out there which could derail some positivity.  But that said, here goes…

1-    Go Big or Go Home.  This was always what I would call a mini trend.  Architects have been known to desire to go as big as they can (opening wise) and for years they would push the envelope in North America as far as they could.  Sometimes they would get what they want, sometimes not.  Now that game is changing.  Between the growth and push by folks like AGNORA and the recent oversize upgrades by Viracon, the approach of going bigger on sizes are a reality.  Add in the foreign influence that always is willing and able to provide oversize material, and you have a full-fledged trend on your hands.  2016 will see a lot of this.

2-    Security Focused.  No question we live in a scary world right now.  I don’t think there’s ever been a time that we’ve all had to worry about security the way we have to now.  Glass is a big part in the protection effort.  Security glass is now more available than ever and being used in more applications than just federal buildings and high risk areas.  Schools are getting specific security based glass applications and more and more businesses are choosing these options for their workers comfort and safety.

3-    Greenfielding is back and new players emerge.  I think 2016 will see a few greenfield locations from established fabricators.  There’s some very ripe markets that can use more fabricators and I have a feeling that you will see new plants pop up in 2016 with familiar names.  Meanwhile, there’s quite a few players overseas looking to come to North America to set up shop and I have a feeling they may choose to greenfield instead of buying someone established, though I am not totally convinced of that.  I do think you will see new players in North America in 2016 though in one form or fashion.

4-    Codes and Certifications. I think the NACC takes off, too important for the industry not to.  I also think individual certifications of installers also grow, we as an industry need to have that to show that we have the craftsman and workmanship that is expected.  On the code side it’s been pretty quiet, so something tells me that there’s going to be an issue coming up.  It makes me think of a horror movie, just when things get really calm, is when the monster jumps out with a chainsaw.  Thankfully I am confident that folks like Dr. Tom Culp will be there to protect us…

5-    More focus on birds.  Yes I know this was on my 2015 list but this is simply both a growth area and a meaningful process to protect wildlife.  With more companies getting into and more designers realizing what it is happening, this grows in stature again. 

As always these are my opinions and thoughts and I always welcome yours, privately or publicly.  So feel free to reach out.


--  Those of you who know me know I love lists and info.  And I have to say that the infographics being put out by the folks at are amazing.  Here’s one they posted on Energy Star with who’s getting certified and where.  It’s an incredible setup and worth your time.  Check it out HERE.   

--  During the holidays my family got me a FitBit.  Really neat little apparatus that can tell me that I never sleep at night and need to take a ton more steps.  But seriously though it’s a cool piece and I am into it, but a question for any of you who got one recently- was it absolutely impossible for you to get it out of the packaging?  I’ve never experienced anything like trying to get that thing loose. 

--  Last this week… the movie “13 Hours” comes out this coming Friday.  The book was absolutely fantastic.  Will Hollywood ruin the movie?  I hope not but I always get a feeling that it will happen.  If the great Steven Spielberg can ruin a book (like he did with “Munich”) than it can happen anywhere.


--  We all have a twin somewhere I am told- poor Mike Rowe has one that’s bank robber.

--  This is an interesting story on several levels- community apathy, a marketing angle gone wrong, and a smart/lucky guy.

--  Good piece on Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney.


As mentioned above- 13 Hours comes out this week.  Here’s the trailer…

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