Sunday, December 06, 2015

Interior Glass, Rocky, LAX, 2016 and more

One of the areas of growth I have mentioned on occasion has been the interior space.  Part of that has been the expansion of decorative options but also the functionality of glass.  But there are more reasons that this trend is hot and in the most recent edition of Glass Magazine there’s an excellent article that spells it out very clearly.  It breaks down the four areas of demand driving this and it’s a must read if you are looking at that side of the business. 


--  I seriously can’t believe I have just one more blog post for 2015.  Where has this year gone? Remember next week’s post will unveil the industry MVP for this year…

--  For my friends in LA and connected to the happenings at LAX.  Any time frame for terminal 6 to be completed on its remodel?  What a disaster area that is and has been for a while.

--  I am huge “Rocky” fan so I went in with some bias, but I must tell you the movie “Creed” is absolutely fantastic.  Even if you are not a Rocky fan or a boxing fan, the story line and performances in this are incredible.  The fact there’s some talk about Oscar nominations for this film, shows you it’s way beyond the traditional Rocky fare.  I know there’s a ton of good movies coming out this month, but I’d add this to the list.

--  There’s been some nervousness with regards to the economy and some reports that 2016 may be much softer than many expect.  From the analysts I follow and trust, that is not what they are seeing.  The latest metrics show a lighter start in 16, with a robust and strong final 2/3rds.  Where the jury is suddenly out is 2017.  Initially the projections were good for that year as well, but some of that sentiment is changing within all models.  However everything is so far out and so much can change, that it’s too soon to tell what we will have.  Bottom line is we all still have to work hard and take advantage of what’s out there….  I will continue to monitor, follow and mention here as time goes on.

--  Is there a better young, awesome singer than Adele? 

--  How hard are the questions on your job interviewing process?  My guess is with how scarce labor is, the first question is “Do you have a pulse?” followed by “When can you start?” but in the world of Apple, it’s a whole different ballgame.  I ran into this link that listed the 10 toughest job interview questions from Apple and it’s surely off the charts. 

--  Last this week… one of our own in the industry needs our thoughts and prayers.  Dan Funyak of PPG (also known as the husband of PPG’s awesome Joanne Funyak) will be out for a bit as he starts treatment for prostate cancer.  It was caught early and it’s primed to be beaten.  So please keep Dan, Joanne and family in mind… and also per Dan (and many other experts) please keep this in mind:

 ----      Guys 40 and over, please take the time to get your yearly physical and Prostate screenings. This will give you the best chance to catch it early like Dan did

        ----      Women, please get your appropriate screenings and exams on a yearly basis. Give yourself the best chance if something is found.


--  You know I probably would’ve tried this some day.  Glad I read this now.

--  A robbery that takes 5 hours and steals 300K worth of tires?  Wow.

--  Tough story here- a major college football player with mental difficulties… not surviving despite help from so many.


If you didn’t see it… the Hail Mary that won the Lions-Packers game.  For Lions fans it was a typical Lions like ending…  longest successful hail mary in NFL History and a great throw by Aaron Rodgers.  This is the reaction of some faithful Lion fans….

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Anonymous said...

The robbery reminds me of an incident that happened while I was working at Arch in Denver. We had just received a brand spanking new boom truck - truly a thing of beauty! Overnight, thieves stole the tires right off of it - but only the ones on the side facing away from the building. Crazy stuff.

Thanks for the column. Happy holidays to you & yours.