Sunday, October 04, 2015

Positive Notes Continue

I listened in on a construction forecast webinar this week and it was basically more of what we we’ve been hearing.  Positive for the non-residential side for 2016, with including some improvement on the institution side of things.  Hotels and recreation also are primed for a big year as well.  But the interesting part was when the analyst was reviewing material costs and when he got to flat glass he said something along the lines of “Usually flat glass costing is like their name… flat, but lately we’re seeing a rise.”  He then added basically a regurgitation of the Wall Street article saying there’s short supply and job delays because of it.  So the narrative that was floated out there a few weeks ago is growing especially when it’s hitting the indicators and analysts.


--  I’ve always been a big fan of Donald Jayson and Bendheim for how they do business.  Now recently another great item to add to the list, when they went 4th generation by adding Benjamin Jayson to the business.  Obviously I have a special place in my heart for the family business, and I love seeing the latest generations joining our industry.  Congrats to the Jayson family!

--  Just a heads up- the folks at SAPA are doing for the first time in New York City an Architectural Workshop for architects, designers, and building consultants.  Great opportunity for those groups to learn some of the intricacies of metal and help them with design.  So if you fall into that category, you should look into- date is 10/14 and more info is here.  Props to Mark Spencer and the team at SAPA- they’re always on the cutting edge.

--  Communication was a big theme during GlassBuild America and recently I ran into a decent read on tips for effective construction communication. 

--  Off topic from the industry… if you want an amazing read and book you will not want to put down, grab “13 Hours, The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.”  This book by Mitchell Zuckoff was amazing.  It is non political, so they’ll be no discussions of what happened or did not happen in Washington or with politicians.  It is about the men who had to deal with the attack and protect the annex and compound there.  It’s told minute by minute with incredible detail.  Amazing read.  Evidently a movie is now being made from it- I am scared Hollywood will ruin it.

--  Bad news from the latest release of jobsite safety numbers.  The construction world is in the midst of its most dangerous year since 2008.  I know so many companies stress safety to the furthest extent, yet the injuries and fatalities keep happening and now at a pace that is really depressing. 

--  I really thought the Alcoa news from last week would make more waves than it did.  The announcement that the organization would split into 2 companies got a little reaction and then everyone moved on.  Industry wise the question is on where Kawneer lands.  As expected the release and comments say all will continue to be normal and that’s to be expected in the short term.  But as with every deal it sure bears watching to see what, if any changes come down the pike there.


Frivolous lawsuit alert.  I’m sure this will get settled out of court with big cash changing hands… to the lawyers at least.

Wow, this is so ridiculous.  Any HR folks out there experience this one???

Great photo.  Great story.


Well I hope if I get to go back to Dusseldorf next year that my pilot is as good as this person.  Check out this landing with a severe crosswind happening.  Wow.

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Wonderful news! It's always great to see updates on how the economy is doing in terms of our industry. Thanks for sharing this!