Sunday, June 21, 2015

Birds and Glass

I had a feeling the issue of bird protective glazing was going to be a big one this year and it surely has.  And now with the latest news, our industry has to be even more prepared to deal with some of the blowback.  Before I get into the latest part, I will admit that I struggled last year with the process and intentions on some of the bird related issues surrounding the Minnesota football stadium.  In the end I surely misread the situation and the objectives of the people involved who wanted consideration for the bird population that will be effected by the structure.  So it’s been a learning experience for sure.
Now fast forward to this past week and where our industry now has to be prepared.  At Duke University, one of the “green” buildings on campus is being blamed for the 85 bird deaths during three migration periods in the last year.  There’s many ways I can go with this story but I’ll just say this.  There are options for bird friendly glazing.  And it’s time for the focus to go from the glass being an issue to the glass being a solution.  The owner/architect needs to be on some of the hooks here- the materials are there and the designer needs to take into account bird migration paths and design accordingly.  So while you’ll see in the linked article that glass is listed as the bad guy, I sincerely hope that we as an industry can stand up and note that it simply shouldn’t be all on us.


--  By the way I have to think Julie Schimmelpenningh who brought the issue of bird protection up years and years ago at GANA meeting to mostly giggles has to be shaking her head right now and saying “I told you so…”

--  An interesting new market study was just released about the glass industry.  According the a blurb from a study by Grand View Research Inc. the global flat glass market will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1% over the next 7 years.  It noted “High performance flat glass will drive the market”  Wow.

--  So I am trying to raise my level of organization.  I have cleaned my desk with the goal of it looking like Russ Ebeid’s.  (His desk, perfectly clear- with me, it will never happen but I will try) I am also trying to go “Inbox Zero” with my emails.  Slowly but surely I am getting there.  I know a few of you are doing the “Inbox Zero” thing so any other tips are welcomed.

--  Just wrapping up my search for someone in the industry with Apple Watch.  Tom Lee of Lee & Cates hit me up on Twitter that he had one… so he’s the visionary!  I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing him at GlassBuild to see how it is still going.  Meanwhile I did hear through the grapevine that my good friend Kris Vockler also has one- that does not surprise me as Kris is always on the cutting edge of everything.

--  Last this week… Gas prices are going back up… my guess is $4 in most places by mid July.  I know that the low prices had some negative effects on the economy but man I enjoyed it personally.


--  A very long but interesting and thorough look at PTSD.

--  For the tech geeks how there- how the Beats headphones aremade.  Pretty cool on the weight additions…

--  A robotic grocery store.  This will be one to watch for sure…


I did see the Jurassic World movie and enjoyed it- but this trailer is a hoot.  Some people have the great mix of talent, creativity, and time… and they can do a take off like this.  Funny stuff.

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Rich said...

You were and are bang on with bird friendly glass. People still roll their eyes and call it 'bird glass'. The shockingly powerful American Bird Conservatory and its supporters aren't going anywhere. I can empathize. I cringe when I see trees and gardens in atriums behind vision glass or any reflective substrate near trees. It really is a murder zone for birds.

Ironically, I've noticed a trend where designers not-yet-in-the-know are incorporating images of trees and nature into the exterior façade. Interesting to see how that will play out.