Sunday, September 21, 2014

Confidence back, a big industry loss, hot products, and Oh Canada

Instead of the “Calm after the Storm” in our world we had the storm “during” the storm with news coming from the GlassBuild America show floor and beyond.  Probably the biggest item was Viracon announcing the opening of their St George, Utah facility in January.  That news combined with the announced positive performance by their parent company gives off serious confidence that the improved economy is more solid than we have all been hoping.  There are a handful of companies in the industry that can move the needle and Viracon is easily one.  This news is truly very positive for all.  Congrats to all involved.


--  The industry lost another icon last week with the passing of Bob Pool, founder and chairman of Thermal Windows.  Mr. Pool was a class act, loved by basically everyone who came in contact with him.  In his town and company he’ll surely be remembered for many things but from my standpoint one part of his legacy will stand with the fact that Thermal Windows has been a tremendous supporter of the industry for many years, through the best and worst of times.  Thoughts and condolences to Mr. Pool’s family and everyone at Thermal.

--  Lost in my long review of GlassBuild last week was coverage of the hot products.  There were a few things that caught my eye.  AGC North America’s Dragontrail (which I previewed here pre-show) did not disappoint.  Neat product that could be a game changer.  I am fan of solar, always have been and continue to respect and have high hopes for what Onyx Solar is doing.  Plus there may not be a nicer young man in our industry than Diego Cuevas.  The interior switchable’s were in many spots on the floor, showing that product has legs and it was good since I probably get asked twice a month where you can find that sort of product. 

--  Also at GlassBuild America I ran into Tara Brummet who just was hired by Vitrum.  Great hire for them as Tara is an extremely impressive individual.  I will be soon doing a list of my top 20 best industry salespeople and I expect Tara would surely occupy spot.  That list is going to be VERY hard to compile as at the sales level our industry has the most talent right than it ever has.   

--  This has been a theme here and elsewhere but I am seriously tempted to start a school for project managers.  The need for that position is so huge, it is not even funny. 

--  This week is the GANA Fall Conference in Toronto and unfortunately I cannot attend.  I am looking forward to hearing about it, as some subjects that will be covered, specifically the bird glazing issue, are extremely important right now.  On a side note it is great to see a GANA meeting in the awesome country of Canada.  We are blessed with tremendous industry support from so many Canadian companies, it is great to see them have a home event.


--  Actor brags on drinking 14 bottles of wine a day… I mean how in the heck does that happen???

--  Amazing story of 9/11 photo found in the rubble and now after all of these years back with its owner.

--  Serious over-reaction to more airline fees… That is our world these days folks…


The new iPhone 6 is out and the one of the first guys to get one was interviewed and he dropped it.  Ouch.


Shannon Chappell said...

We certainly noticed a lot of confidence in our customers this year versus recent shows. We are having a great year, and wouldn't be if we it wasn't for the uptick in our customers business. Our short take on it.

Max Perilstein said...


Thank you for the posts! Will surely go check your blog out now!!