Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cold Winter Ahead, Low Gas Prices Here for now, Open Office Problems and Potential Bad Designs

The casino/hotel that is housed in one of the more fascinating glass and glazing projects in recent times is closing down.  And among the excuses out there is the actual design of the building.  The Revel Casino in Atlantic City closes its doors September 1st and while the building envelope looks spectacular, the layout and flow on the inside allegedly caused major issues.  Online there’s been some interesting discussion on what went wrong with this property and while I think that the overall gambling downturn in AC is a bigger reason (among many others) than the building design, I was amazed that people did jump on the layout issue.  Building layout is a major factor in the success and failure of businesses every day.  Yet so many times it does not get the focus it deserves.  And further more, the desire for a great exterior aesthetic has taken more priority than what the process inside will look like and work as.  I have never seen this property in person and am depending on the stories and views I see online.  Any of you that have been there and seen it feel free to e mail me your thoughts- do you think the layout was the biggest factor in this properties demise?


--  Speaking of design… does the open office layout cause more theft and confusion?  Good story on that here.  Personally, while I like an open floor plan, the lack of continuity like mentioned in this tory (i.e. you don’t have your own desk) would make me crazy.

--  The Farmers Almanac is out and the prediction for this winter is for cold and misery yet again.  The almanac is working with an 80% success rate, so I tend to believe what it says when the predictions call for similar in 2015 as we saw in 2014.

--  I usually am one to hammer when gas prices go high, so I should note that gas prices right now where I am at are shockingly low.  3.36 by me this week… now hopefully that continues but with the holiday coming I am sure it will spike up.  For the life of me I have no idea how this all works and its pretty comical that I am happy with a 3.36 price but its sure better than the $5 I thought we’d see!

--  Props and thanks to a couple of great regional trade organizations.  The Colorado Glazing Contractors Association and Washington Glass Association are class acts and both worked this summer to help promote GlassBuild America to their members.  So a major thank you to Rebecca Graves (CGCA) and Maryanne Howell (WGA) and their members for their support.  Those who know me know how I feel about industry support for major events and these groups certainly did their part in jumping in the way they did.

--  I shouldn’t have to remind you about GlassBuild America coming in a few weeks, but may as well.  Still time to get flights and get there.  I for one am pumped when I see new exhibitors still signing up daily including a game changer for interior switchable glass that will garner a ton of interest.  Anyway you will not want to miss this event!

--  Last this week… college football kicks off this week.  Crazy prediction… if Wisconsin beats LSU this Saturday, they will win the National Championship.  (That sound you hear is all my friends in SEC country moaning that I am nuts…and I am)  I do love college football and can’t wait for it to get going!


--  The guy behind the dreaded “pop up” ad.

--  Fellow road warriors… a windowless plane with some cool technology.. yes or no?

--  Great class by Justin Timberlake with a special birthday wish


Well as you know from reading this blog and being alive basically, the amazing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continued to grow.  What an incredible run and the money being raised is off the charts.  So in between all of the heart-felt videos, there have been a few bloopers.  Video of the week has a bunch here, though once you watch  the first minute or so you get the picture!

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I'm a big fan of Maryanne Howell. The WGA is an extraordinary association because of her.