Friday, July 11, 2014

The Final 3 are Set!

So as the soccer World Cup ends, our version in the glass world still has two more steps to go.  This week was the debut of the good ole USA and they did not disappoint, but I have a feeling they will find the finals much tougher!  For this round the foursome was USA, Spain, Japan, and Russia.  Since its been a few weeks a quick reminder on the categories for scoring- Innovation, Products, Quality, and Industry Support.  For this round the glaring omission of France really played out because when the tallies were added, Russia really was not ready for this tourney.  While they have what is considered to be an awesome trade show, they’re still quite a bit behind in every other category at this point. Japan and Spain both had solid showings and may have done better in a different group.  Spain with its dominance on the decorative side and strong support of the industry showed well and Japan with major float players and some solid innovations helped mask its limited industry support.  Meanwhile the USA won the group because innovation is still strong and industry support significant despite what many may think. 
The final totals:
USA 15
Spain 10
Japan 10
Russia 5
So next week is the final… it will feature USA, Germany, and Italy.  There is no question this will be a very difficult one to score with each country bringing so much into the process. 


--  A hearty congratulations to Steve O’Hollaren of ICD for passing his LEED Green Associates exam… that is NOT an easy test… great work sir, can’t wait to call you with lots of LEED related questions!!

--  While we’re patting people on the back, kudos also to Dip Tech on the launch of their new blog/newsletter.  The folks there obviously put a ton of time, thought and planning into it because it was a really sharp and organized effort.  Something I look forward to receiving on a regular basis!

--  The Dodge Momentum index up again for 3rd straight month.  Overall the indicators have been solid and momentum for sales has shown to be positive.  The worry I believe continues to be cash flow.  All in all though summer is off to solid start.

--  I think I was the last person in the US to see the movie “Frozen”- so I finally did.  I enjoyed it as it was typical Disney.  But the reason I write this is I read that people have been waiting up to 6 hours to meet the “princesses” at the theme parks.  SIX HOURS.  It got me thinking, is there anyone that I would wait 6 hours for- to just get to say hi to.  I mean if it was a 6 hour wait and you get some time with the person then sure I could name a few, but just to shake a hand or get a picture?  Not sure I can come up with a living person. 

--  Pretty cool case study I read recently on the social effect of “green” products.  Two sets of hand sanitizer were laid out at a trade show.  One was marked with one basic title.  The other with a similar title but noted it was “green.”  So during the event the table was watched onsite and discreetly.  When someone was standing at the table, the large majority went for the “green” product.  When no one was working the table, the totals flipped the other way- many more went for the regular product.  Goes to show you we still have a society that has people who say the right things and may publicly try to do, but in private still do what they are more comfortable with.


-- If you have seen the amazing 30 for 30 on Pablo Escobar, do so- in the meantime his legacy lives on with hippos.  Tons of hippos.

-- While we are talking animals- woman banned from zoo... and deservedly so!

--  Rooftop solar doing great down under


A friend of mine had posted this on Facebook and I just can’t believe it- a car and a bear… a big bear…


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