Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quick Hits

Every so often I do a blog that just hits on various topics quickly and since it’s been a while, I figured it’s time to catch up on some of the happenings in the world of glass, glazing and more.  So buckle up, here goes…

--  My heart goes out to everyone in Oklahoma after the brutal weather/tornado's that passed through on Monday.  Thoughts and prayers to all.  Stay strong OKC, Moore, and all the area affected.

--  Who’s going to the AIA show this year?  We’re a month away; my curiosity is centered on how attendance will be in a city like Denver vs. last year in DC.

--  The drawings for the new Viking Stadium are out, looks to be an amazing structure, loving the use of glass!

--  Between the last few weeks with Avi Bar and my published piece with Bowie Neumayer, the feedback has been off the charts awesome.  So I decided to crank out some more interviews and have 2 lined up for the next few weeks that I think you will really like.  And my next one for the magazine is going to be fun too!

--  In case you missed it, Guardian posted a very cool pre-GPD interview with Scott Thomsen.  Being an ex-TV guy (who misses the business), I thought the way the graphics were edited in, really made this piece stand out.  If you want to check it out, it’s my Video of the Week.

--  Being an independent outsider these days it’s hard to definitely tell, but it sure seems like the latest price increase is sticking.  Then again I may be completely wrong.

--  As a marketing guy I am jealous of the new ad that Kawneer put out in the latest Glass Magazine.  Creative and sharp.  Great job and well done.

--  I know I noted it a few weeks ago but I think it may have been heavily overshadowed by the Avi Bar interview… please check out the Efficient Window Collaborative’s website.  It’s a tremendous resource.

--  Hey wow gas prices are up (at all stations) because a single refinery had issues of some sort.  Love that the oil industry can collude and price fix and yet no one really cares.  Where are the ambulance chasers that harass innocent people in our industry to go take on big oil?

--  GlassBuild America registration opening soon.  Will be here before you know it.  Show will be great this year, tons of momentum for it.

--  Happy Memorial Day to all and especially those who served.  The words “Courage” and “Hero” sometimes get thrown around a little too loosely (by me included) these days but should really be dedicated to the men and women of the military (currently serving and veterans) who truly deserve those distinctions!

--  Last item, a sincere thank you.  I just like to once in while throw that out there because I am grateful for the support you show me and this blog.  I appreciate everyone who reads here, whether you like me or the blog or not!  I still can’t believe I started this in 2005.  Feels like yesterday.


Incredible guy here… 18 years old- graduating with bigtime triple major and oh he’s got MD.

I know a few people in the great northwest, maybe they can explain this “nonprofit” pub to me.

I love Amazon, but this one would scare me.  Gotta pay attention!


The previously mentioned piece from Guardian with Scott Thomsen.  Kudos to everyone at Guardian that had a hand in this one.

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